Food Through the Eyes of a Regular Guy

Hello World!

I thought that was the protocol for all new websites.  Maybe it’s just
what you have to do when you are learning a computer language.
Anyway, my name is Robert and I decided to start this website as an
outlet for what I learn while spending time around food.  I spend a
lot of time around food becuase I like to eat.  But other than that,
food is a hobby that satiates me creatively and nutritionally.

I’m like many people searching the internet looking for advise on what
to cook tonight,  I have an 8-5 job as a mechanical engineer, I live
on a budget, and I’m not a fan of bland or generally crappy food.  I
do my best each night to eat something worthwhile.  And by that I dont
mean something richly organic or nausiatingly healthy.  I just like to
eat something that is worth my time and calories.

The training I have as a cook comes from my parents who are chemists,
reading books and articles, and lots ot practice.  Sure I make my fair
share of mistakes.  I have screwed up Saturday morning pancakes a time
or two.  But learning from these mistakes has made me better.

Sometimes I classify myself as an “online chef”.  That may be somewhat
conceeded, but probably more dorky.  What I mean is, I find a lot of
the recipes I make online.  And just like you, I put a lot of stock
into the user reviews.  They provide so much insight and help give
warning to potential pitfalls.  However, many times the reviews are
cliche and nondescript like:
“this is great, my family loved it!”  or
“eck!!! stay away”

I want “BaconWrappedRob” to be a place where you can find
good, easy, budget friendly recipes as well as a place to learn more
about food and cooking.  This site is intended to be helpful, fun, and
down to earth.


About BaconWrappedRob

Food, Photography, Sports, Pop Culture, and other fun stuff. But mostly food!
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2 Responses to Food Through the Eyes of a Regular Guy

  1. John says:

    You might also include that you are a pretty good photographer.

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