Broiled Salmon with Orange Soy Glaze

Recipe Review – Salmon with Satsuma Soy Glaze

I get a lot of recipes from cooking light.  It’s easy to find something good in their magazine or on their website.  I do have a subscription to the magazine because I like the pictures and some of the articles, and it’s a monthly reminder to eat a little healthier.  But you can find pretty much every recipe online.

So I stumbled on this recipe the other night and first thing I did was scan the ingredients list to see if it’s something I might enjoy.  After I interpret how i think it might taste I check to see how much stuff I will have to buy to make it.  Unless it’s a special dinner or something, I hate to buy 9 to 10 things to make one dinner (I know I’m not alone out there).  It turns out I had all of the spices and all I need was the salmon, orange juice, and green onions.  However, you will notice the green onions are for garnish, so I scrapped those.  Instead of fancy satsuma oranges (I had to wikipedia what they were) I used clementines that I had in the fridge for snacking.

Normally I get salmon from costco because costco is awesome.  But this time I was at whole foods (I hardly ever shop there) and they had a great deal on salmon fillets.  So I got 4 (with the skin on because it cost more to get it removed),  These four will feed my wife and I for two dinners.  Its a good idea to cook once, eat twice.

The marinade consisting of 9 ingredients didn’t take too long to make, maybe 8 minutes.  And since I was a little lazy I chose not to take the skin off the salmon fillets.  After marinading for about 45 minutes I started the broiler, and boiled the reserved marinade.
Making the glaze was very easy, as the only instructions were to boil the hell out of it.  I’m good at that.  The salmon cooked just right in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.  I didn’t put them on the top rack because I didn’t want to burn them.  Just put it on the middle rack
with the broiler on.

To serve the dish I put the salmon on a bed of rice with some peas.  It looked very colorful and tasted fantastic.  I recommend this to anybody!  It’s easy, its relatively cheap, and pretty hard to screw up.  Plus the sauce is constructed in such a way that its easy to
change based on your tastes.  If you like more sweet, add more honey.  If you like more spicy, add more red pepper flakes or a fresh  jalapeno.  If you like more of both, add more of both.


Sorry for no pictures in this post, I will get some up for the next ones.


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