Restaurant Review: Swallow at the Hollow

If animals could talk, write, make movies or whatever, they would probably have some of the scariest shit you ever heard!  Butcher shops, charcoal grills, deep fat fryers, all this stuff would just be insane to hear about.  But good thing those bastards are dumb and still unable to communicate with us because they are tasty!

That was a really good lead in for where I’m going with this post.  Say they could make movies.  If that’s the case, the pig version of Ridley Scott, Piggly Scott, would make a thriller about 4 teenage pigs trying to escape the fabulous barbecue joint, Swallow at the Hollow.

I have gone to this place several times now, and not once was I let down.  They do everything great from the baby back ribs, to the smokey chicken wings, to the melt in your mouth buttery biscuits.  This place is does it right!  Each time I go there I tell myself to try something new, but I can’t pry myself away from the baby back ribs.

Baby Back Ribs from Swallow at the Hollow

The ribs are so tender and so flavorful.  You don’t need utensils for these bad boys.  And just what I think crack might be like, once you start you can’t stop.  A small fix of these ribs is just a slippery slope to hardcore usage.  On the brighter side, the ribs wont alienate your family or make you an eventual burden on society!

Swallow at the Hollow also excels in the art of the side dish.  The mac and cheese, as you would expect, is crazy fantastic.  The fried green tomatoes, out of this world.  And the homemade biscuits are enough to make you want to stiff-arm an elderly lady crossing the street to get them.  I’m not joking.  If these biscuits were on the other side of the street and there was an old lady crossing the street about to get them, I would totally stiff-arm her, 360 spin, juke left and get those biscuits.

Fried Green Tomatoes with Homemade Ranch

This place quickly became one of my favorite restaurants, and I know you will love it if you try it.  If you are going for dinner on the weekend, your best bet is to go before 6 because then it starts to get pretty crowded.  In the later evening, 9:30ish, they will have live music from some of the greatest acts you’ve never heard of!  I’ve never been there for the live music.  But maybe one day I’ll have a marathon binge of barbecue and sides and stay there from lunch til close.  Oh, and not related to the last sentence, the bathrooms are clean.

This is me eating. Notice while I eat, I am looking for more food. Laura is so lucky!

Swallow at the Hollow on Urbanspoon


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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Swallow at the Hollow

  1. John says:

    I have never had fried green tomatoes. Gonna have to try it!

  2. Yeah, there are many ways to make them. But if you get the frying right, you will have great fried green tomatoes.

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