Restaurant Review: Milton’s

Way deep in the sticks of north Atlanta you will find a restaurant called Milton’s.  Nestled in the center of the city of Milton, this upscale dinner location has secured it’s place as one of the top restaurants in the area.

Milton’s offers a selection of dishes that I would classify as upscale comfort food.  You will see catfish, grits, fired chicken, flat iron steak, pork chops and more.    The selection of appetizers, salads or small plates, and entrees is pretty decent and does a good job or satisfying all types of appetites.  My favorite dish is the stuffed pork chop served with sweet potato puree.  Everytime Laura or I have ordered this dish, it has been fantastic.  The ham bits and havarti that fill the chop go so well with the rest of the dish.  Laura likes to sub the sweet potatoes with Milton’s baked blue cheese mac which is also very good.  I’m glad this place isn’t snotty about making substitutions with sides.  I know I have mentioned in the past that I like to order the dish as is, but many people don’t.  So being accommodating to the customer, like Milton’s is, is so refreshing.

Let me elaborate on that a bit more.  We’ve all been there.  You ask the waiter, “Instead of mashed potatoes, can I get the mac and cheese?”  The waiter looks off in space, gives a weird facial expression and replies, “Well we really don’t like to do that you see….”

So you cut them off and say, “ok…nevermind.”  But the waiter comes back with, “well, I can check with the chef….”  But by this time you just feel like you are bothering them, so you give up.  Now I don’t know the intricacies of a well oiled kitchen, but it seems to me as if making a substitution on a side dish shouldn’t be too damn difficult.  I bet it’s the waiter being lazy.  Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong.  But bottom line, you don’t have to worry about that crap at Milton’s.  They do a nice job of taking care of you.

Back to the show.  The ambiance of the restaurant is very similar to a 19th century home with wooden walls, wood floors, and a fire place.  And there are enough small eating areas which give you the feel of being in a small cozy place.  When its nice enough outside, the patio seating is really great.  The large multi-level patio is very accommodating and a great place to have a late afternoon/evening meal.  The restaurant is also interested in building a larger following by offering weekly and seasonal events.  I dont feel like reciting them, but they are on the website.  I’ll have to check them out sometime and report back to you.

The one thing I would change about Milton’s is I would add a Sunday or weekend brunch.  I believe it offered one in the past, but I never got to try it.  It’s just in a perfect area around churches, neighborhoods, and schools.  And with the quality of food along with the wonderful southern atmosphere inside and outside on the patio, this place needs to bring brunch back.

The bottom line with Milton’s is it’s solid.  It makes for a great date night because you know you will get great food, great service, and you wont have to battle downtown traffic.
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