Restaurant Review: Roux on Canton

Many people would live within the perimeter (I-285) of Atlanta have a million excuses to not leave the downtown area.  These same excuses are the used to guilt those of us who live outside of the perimeter to meet them on their turf.  The biggest excuse is, “There are so many great places to eat down here!”

While they are right, there are a lot of great places, downtown does not have a monopoly on great places.  Downtown Roswell and Canton Street are a testament to this.  One of the newer restaurants on this great street is Roux on Canton.

Laura and I found this place while looking around for various dining certificates and thought we’d give it a shot.  For those of you who don’t know about, you need to check it out.  What they offer are discounted gift cards to many different restaurants all over the country.  Many times, bradsdeals will offer discounts for these certificates making them an even better deal!  You would be crazy NOT to give it a look.

So we go for dinner, dining certificate in hand, and find a small, cozy, and interesting restaurant.  The atmosphere is casual, like you were at a long-established neighborhood cafe.  The staff is friendly, not pushy, and down to earth.  It’s just feels cool to be in there.

Looking at the menu you will see many classic Louisiana dishes like poboys, etouffees, and shrimp and grits.  There aren’t a ton of Cajun places in Atlanta, so it’s nice to have one that does it right.  The menu is one page and offers good selection without being overwhelming.  In addition to a menu that’s easy to navigate and easy to find something you like, they usually have some pretty enticing specials.  One special we tried were the fried red sapper tacos.  OMG, these were spectacular!!  They had a great Cajun flavor, awesome texture, and perfect spice.  If you go, rather when you go, ask for these!  Our waitress the other night said they are offered during lunch.  I’ll probably have to find a way to take a long lunch one day.

Each time we go Laura finds it impossible to not get the shrimp poboy.  Honestly, I can’t blame her.  There is nothing fancy about it, it’s just a solid sandwich.  I have tried the crawfish etouffee (awesome) and the Tay’s Burger which has pimento cheese (pretty good).  The shrimp and grits appetizer and friend green tomatoes appetizer are both excellent.  I really don’t have a bad thing to say about this place, other than they should get those tacos on the menu!
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