Lamb Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries Make Life Better

Recently I had a post on a recipe for rack of lamb that I really liked.  Well, what do you know, here’s another lamb recipe for you!  The idea to make lamb sliders was all on Laura.  Sometimes she will get these ideas in her head of something that might taste really good.  Then we will scour the internet for a recipe that matches the vision, and 9 times out of 10 they work out great.  This is one of the success stories.

We searched through cooking light for lamb recipes and found lamb sliders with blue cheese.  From reading the ingredient list and the couple preparation steps, it seemed easy enough.  The toughest part of this recipe is finding the ground lamb.  And with a heavy heart I must say I got the lamb at whole foods.  Don’t shoot me.  They didn’t have it at Costco or Publix, so I had to bite the bullet, swallow my pride and go to whole foods.

The recipe is easy enough, add salt and pepper to ground lamb and mix to combine.  Well you will find out quickly that ground lamb is some sticky shit!  So take off any rings you might have on, or ask your spouse nicely to do it for you.  When making the slider patties, I think it’s best to make sure they are wide enough to fit your buns (slider buns that is….perv).  I like to flatten them out pretty good and shape them larger than the bun because they will shrink up.  Not because they are cold, but because there is fat in there leaving the meat.

Another tasty addition to this dish is the carmelized onions.  Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for carmelized onions?!?  Jeebus, they are good.  Ok, tuck it in.  This recipe calls for some brown sugar to be added to the onions.  Do this if you like them sweet.  And for this dish, it compliments well with the blue cheese!

For the buns, you have many options at your local supermarket, or if you are fancy your local bakery.  But we really really like the small potato rolls.  They are dense, soft, and grill really well.  You will probably want to grill the bun for this recipe.  It makes a difference.

Ok, let’s get a side dish for the lamb sliders.  I thought sweet potato fries would be really good because I like sweet potato fries.  Nothing more than that, and luckily for me it worked out nicely.  The recipe I found was for baked sweet potato fries with honey-lime dip.  This dish with the sliders pair quite nicely and made for a healthier than normal meal.

If you have ever chopped up sweet potatoes you will know it’s kind of a pain in the ass.  They are tougher to slice, but who cares.  You shouldn’t be afraid of it.  Following the recipe I linked above is really easy, but here are a few tips.  First, dont chop your potatoes too thin.  If they are too think they will become soggy.  It’s better to have them a little more stout so they will hold up like french fries.  Next, cooking them a little extra is ok!  By cutting them thicker, you will need to cook them longer so they are good the whole way through.  The dipping sauce for the fries works very well with the slider, so make a little extra!

Together, the lamb sliders and sweet potato fries will impress your guests (or spouse or kids).  And if they dont, never invite them back to your house!  Seriously, this meal is a great change up to the chicken and pasta, or the grilled cheese sandwiches.  It’s worth your time.

Lamb Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries


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2 Responses to Lamb Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries Make Life Better

  1. john says:

    These look real good, Rob. The one time I tried sweet potato fries in the oven, they came out mushy. Maybe I cut them too thin.

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