Restaurant Review: Food 101

Going to school was always something I enjoyed.  I liked hanging out with my buddies, telling jokes during lunch, and having very little responsibility.  Getting in the classroom at school was a different story.

When I heard about Food 101 I thought it was another over priced cooking school that might be good for an edudate (a date where you learn something).  But from looking at the menu it’s clear that this place knows what it’s doing.  These dishes, from the menu, didn’t look like they were prepared by a freshman culinary student.  At least I was hoping that was the case.

We got the opportunity to go slightly ITP (inside the perimeter) to meet up with some great friends for brunch.  Walking in the place we saw a nice bar, a decent sized patio, and a pleasent but dense seating area.  I dont like sitting so close to the next table that you end up listening to their conversation more than participating in yours.  Ask Laura about this.  I’m pretty bad about eavesdropping.  I don’t hide it well either.

Anyway, the place wasn’t too crowded so the proximity of the tables didn’t come into play.  We ordered some coffee which was refilled early and often.  I love that!  The brunch menu was very thorough, highlighted by their omlets and “bennys”.  I was very impressed with our table because we all ordered something different.  And not just different omlets, completely different dishes.  This is just proof that there are many appealing dishes on this menu.

While I didn’t snag bites of what our friends ordered (crab cakes benedict, and cinnamon apple & granola pancakes), but I can tell you there was nothing left on the plate.  They both really loved their dishes.

On to what Laura and I ordered.  I see whatever she orders as fair game for me to hunt with my fork, and vic versa.  She got the Omelet 101 which had carmelized onions (I love those!), smoked ham, and some special type of cheddar.  I got a couple bites of this and was very impressed!  Granted it had only ingredients I love, but it was well done.  Many times when you get omelets they can be very eggy and/or not cooked well.  This was not the case.  It was the perfect blend of mix-ins and egg.  Great dish, highly recommend.

I ordered “Jose’s Roasted Pork Tostada”.  Like I said before, I am from the sleepy border town of Houston, but I couldnt really explain what a tostada was when I ordered it.  Well, that’s because I didn’t know.  But if you just say, “it’s hard to explain” people will still think you are smart.  Anyway, the dish was two crispy fried corn tortillas topped with tender shredded pork shoulder, salsa, melted queso (cheese for those who no habla the english), avocado, and two eggs over easy.  Let me tell you, this dish was spectacular!  I really loved it!  It wasn’t too spicy (if you dont like spicy) but was just great flavor.  The egg yolk melted into the pork and salsa making the medley of flavors very unique.

Laura and I can’t wait to get back to Food 101 to try out their dinner menu!  The flavor, atmosphere, and service were all great!  Also, the price was very reasonable and actually a great value for what you are getting.  Go to Food 101!
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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: Food 101

  1. john says:

    It’s going to be hard to choose where to eat the next time we are in town.

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