Not the Best Way to Pick a Winner, but Probably the Best Way to Pick!

The Super Bowl is today, and I am really excited. I wish the Falcon’s were in it, but whatever.  I love the Super Bowl, America loves the Super Bowl.  Everyone loves the Super Bowl!

Big Ben is ready for the Super Bowl

I wanted to write a blog post on my Super Bowl prediction but I needed some way to tie food or drink into it.  I mean I could just say I think the Packers are going to win because they have an explosive offense, strong defense, and I dont like Roethlisberger.  I mean I could say that yeah, the Steelers defense is good and has the ability to pressure the QB, but Rodgers is one of the best at stepping up in the pocket or rolling out and hitting his receivers on the run.  I mean I could say yeah, the Steelers have Big “Bad” Ben who doesn’t who is a load to take down and is a proven winner, but I really don’t see how his offensive line is going to contain BJ Raji without releasing Clay Matthews into the backfield.  I could say all these things!  But I wanted to be a little more in depth in my analysis.  This analysis needs to cover the angles that nobody is talking about.  This analysis has to investigate the foundation of what makes these two teams great!  And to do this I had look at the Beer!

Which area makes the best beer.  So I did a little looking around on the internet for some brewery in Pittsburgh and Green Bay.  Then I cross-referenced with what was available at my local package store to come up with my competitors.  One one sideline we have Iron City Beer from Pittsburgh and on the other sideline Cascade Pale Ale from Stevens Point Brewery in Wisconsin.  I’m the referee and the scoreboard!!!


Iron City vs Stevens Point Brewery

Iron City Beer – This is a light lager, a lot like budweiser.  For me, it needs more body and hopiness.  Unlike the tough Steeler defense, this beer doesnt do a great job of packing a punch.  However, I think the beer is designed to accomodate the heavy drinking of Steeler Nation.  Making a lighter beer probably helps those waving the terrible towels get good and drunk.  I feel that I could probably drink 100 of these a not feel full.  At the right price, this would be a great party beer.

Iron City Beer


I think I nailed this one. Iron City is a great party beer.

Cascade Pale Ale – When I opened this beer I had to call a false start penalty.  It totally foamed up and made a mess on the counter.  First and 15.  After that, it settled into its game plan of hoppiness quite nicely.  A heartier beer than Iron City, the Cascade Pale Ale really brought what it takes to win.  I liked the flavor and color.  While Iron City would be a good party beer, Cascade would be a good socializing beer with some buddies.


Stevens Point Brewery Cascade Pale Ale

My decision after some great glasses of beer is in favor of the Cascade Pale Ale!  It just had so much more to it than the Iron City Beer.  Therefore, Green Bay will win the Super Bowl!  Now I have 10 more beers to drink, so I better get to work.


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2 Responses to Not the Best Way to Pick a Winner, but Probably the Best Way to Pick!

  1. John says:

    Why get Iron City when you can have Bud? Without tasting either of them I would go with the Cascade pale ale. Which reminds me that David and I need a trip to Kroger after noon when they start selling beer. Got a feeling that Saint Arnold’s Elissa Pale Ale is going to make it into the basket for sure. David and I are gearing up for manufacturing the ten pound pizza. This time around we are adding bacon to the ingredients list.

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