Restaurant Review: Tara Humata

Last year we heard from one of our neighbors about a new mexican restaurant that had opened near our neighborhood.  He said that the food was good, but he more stressed that there was a great area in the restaurant to have a party.  This was because we were talking about having a party somewhere.

A few months later I was trying to remember the name of the place because I wanted mexican food and I didn’t want El Azteca (I think we all know why).  And for the life of me I couldn’t remember!  So I had to email our neighbor to ask,

“Hey, yeah, ummmm what was the name of that place that you mentioned a few month back??  It was something like, you know, Mama Tacos?  I don’t know.  Do you remember what I’m talking about?…”

Yeah, I sounded like a moron, but that wasnt the first time nor will it be the last, so who cares.  Anyway, he remembered what we had talked about and told me it was called Tara Humata.   Ok.  That’s memorable, I guess..

So while the joint had been open for a few months, Laura and I decided to give it a shot.  We were curious, and we had a coupon!  Don’t judge, coupons rock (you will find out more why they are so awesome later in this post….)!

When we sit down we got our complimentary chips and salsa which were pretty good.  Alert to all Mexican Restaurants!!  Make sure your menus are in plastic coverings because I WILL spill salsa on them!! Then we decided to order some fajitas, fajitas for two that is.  But looking at the menu, there was no price break in the fajitas for two, in fact it was going to cost us a little more to get them!  What the? So we asked the waiter who was very nice and patient about the pricing.  And after explaining to him why there should be a cost break in fajitas for two otherwise people will just get two orders of fajitas for one, he said he would talk to the manager.  We weren’t bitching and moaning, we just were asking the questions.  So he comes back and tells us the fajitas for two will be 25 cents less than twice the price of fajitas for one.  AWESOME!!!  What a damn deal that is!!! /sarcasm

After that little mess was over we got our fajitas, and they were really good!  They had a lot of flavor, were not dry, and were just great fajitas!  Laura and I looked at one another and said “Wwau shou cwwum bawwk.” (that was “we should come back” said with food in our mouths).

Fast forward a month or two.  We go back on a Sunday for lunch, again, order the fajitas, but this time it takes the waiter 20 minutes to bring us our food.  When he finally got to us he said, “Oh sorry, I forgot about you.”  Thanks, brah!  Once we got the fajitas and started slamming them in our faces we quickly realized that these were not as good as the first go around.  Plus the service was lacking, and AGAIN we had to explain the fajitas for 2 concept.  You know, I should just make an informative youtube video on how that works.  Then when the waiter looks at me with a blank stare, I can whip out the phone and show him what I mean.

Fast forward another month: back at Tara Humata with some friends.  We told them this place was good, and we had a coupon, so damnit we are going!  And for the second time the service was shotty and the fajitas got even worse!  By now the fajitas taste like Alpo (not this Alpo) in pita bread.  They sucked!

All in all Laura and I have gone to Tara Humata about 7 or 8 times because we had some coupons (why spend full price on food/service that is not full good??  or why spend full price when you don’t have to?) and because after our first visit we bought a few certificates.  Each time we went it got worse and worse.  We tried a different location, and it was no better.  Now that we have used all our coupons and certificates, I can’t see us ever going back (unless they have free margarita night (duh)).

What seemed as a cool new mexican place has quickly slid down the totem pole to the likes of El Azteca and other ho-hum tex-mex joints.  Dont waste your time.
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4 Responses to Restaurant Review: Tara Humata

  1. John says:

    tara means defect in Spanish. Just sayin’

  2. Mike says:

    You sound like a seasoned (Pardon the pun) food critic seeing as how you really went out on a limb and ordered fajitas EVERY time you went there. Way to try different things at a place. They have a marinated hangar steak on roasted fingerling potatoes that is absolutely amazing there, and the shirmp delireo is bacon wrapped shrimp in a light cream sauce with pineapple and rice. Why in the world didn’t BaconWrappedRob try the bacon wrapped shrimp before he trashed the place? Do you choose your dining destinations based on coupons alone?

    Just curious…

    • Thanks for the comments, Mike. I agree with you that getting the fajitas everytime wouldn’t give be the greatest sense of the restaurant. However, I have also tried some other dishes like the mole enchiladas which were, well, allright. Why didn’t I try the bacon wrapped shrimp in cream sauce? That’s pretty easy to answer. The quality of the easy dishes (fajitas, burritos) were not great, so I have very little confidence that they would be able to execute a more complicated dish. When you screw up fajitas, you get bad fajitas. When you screw up bacon wrapped shrimp in cream sauce, you get the trots.

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