Restaurant Review: Peter Chang’s Tasty 2

The other night Laura and I went out with some great friends to Peter Chang’s Tasty 2.  I had never heard of the place until our friends suggested it, but I was more than willing to try it.

Having no preconceaved notions my first impressions of the place from the outside, then inside, was not great.  It’s located in what must have been a former bank, and the inside atmosphere was off.  It just seemed like there was very little thought put into the decorations and layout.  But you know what, who cares, Im not there for the decorations, I’m there for the Chinese food!

Laura and I got there a few minutes before our friends so we decided to have the hostess take us to our seat.  Passing up a few wide open booths, she took us to a vestibule area that was cold and unfinished.  Laura, thankfully, spoke up and asked to be seated in one of the open booths.  The hostess abruptly turned around, tossed the menus on the booth table and said curtly, “enjoy.” Ooooookkkkkk…… She must have been having a bad day, but come on man, get your act together.  Soon after our friends arrived and the first thing they said to us was, “Man that hostess is not friendly!”  Haha, four people with the same opinion.

Once we were all seated the waitress came to our table asking what we wanted to drink.  Well that’s easy, beer and wine!  She replied, “we dont have beer or wine.  We dont have a liquor license yet.”  Damn.  Oh well.  Waters all around, barkeep.  Soon after our waters were delivered she then asked if we were ready to order, but we weren’t.  Looking at the menu there were over 120 things to pick from, we know, they were numbered!  So it was going to take a while to figure out what we wanted.  The waitress didn’t get that.  She came back every two minutes to ask if we were ready.  It got pretty annoying.

Since there was no beer and no wine, we decided to fill that void with appies.  We got the scallion pancake, pan fried dumplings, crispy pita rolls, and crispy pork belly.  The scallion pancake was this 8 inch diameter puffy ball served with a yellow curry sauce.  We just ripped off sections and scarfed them down.  This was delicious!  They were light and doughy. A very interesting and tasty pick.  The pan fried dumplings and pita rolls were both good as well but nothing super special.  And the crispy pork belly was really good, but very spicy.  They were like glorified pork rinds.  I really liked them.

Scallion pancake


Pan fried dumpling and crispy wonton

For our entrees we got the cumin beef (rated one chili spicy), lo mein, chicken and garlic with bok choy, and chicken with cilantro.  All of these dishes were really good!  The  cumin beef (which I ordered) was super spicy!  I normally like the one or two spicy dishes, but this one spicy dish was crazy spicy!!  It made me a bit uncomfortable.  I guess one spicy means one handful of the spicy red chilies.  Too damn hot.


Cilantro Chicken

Lo Mein

Cumin Beef

In summary, Peter Chang’s Tasty 2 has great food.  There are so many plates to chose from that it can be a little overwhelming.  Remember if you go there, they do not mess around with spicy.  If it says the dish is spicy, it is super freakin’ spicy.  I wouldn’t even touch a 2 spicy dish.  Finally the wait staff seems very green.  They did not to a good job of answering our questions nor did they have good timing.  If Peter Chang’s wants to become a great place it will address the wait staff and hostess situations.  Bottom line, we talked more about how they were rude and cranky than we did the food.

I would go back to the place, but maybe next year.  I want to make sure they have their liquor license(although you can byob), and I will look to reviews online to see how the service is.  If the services is crappy a second time, I probably wont go back.
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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: Peter Chang’s Tasty 2

  1. John says:

    It is amazing what one crappy person can do to an experience. The food looks tasty and plentiful. I don’t remember ever having “spicy” Chinese food that was too spicy. Maybe the cook was having a bad night or maybe he was just getting even for insisting on a booth.

    • I dont know, but next time I would ask for less spicy. And first impressions go a long way! Im not sure if the hostess hated her boss or hated us, either way it showed. Whatever. I fully expect if I go back in a year that she wont be there. You cant make it too long in that job with a crap attitude.

  2. gadgetgeek says:

    Hello. Szechuan (spelled all kinds of ways) food is typified for it’s spicy, ma-la flavors of cumin, Szechuan peppercorns and chilies. I would have guessed that you had read a few of the blogs about Tasty China, Hu’s Bistro and Peter Cheng (or Chang)’s and known that the spicy things were what folks were coming to taste? A good review, and thanks for the comments on our board We are always glad that there is a long list of both conventional Chinese dishes and options from the Szechuan region to choose from. Looking forward to your further reviews..



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