Restaurant Review: Nahm Thai Cuisine

Besides your classic American dishes of beef, mexican food, pork, bacon, and sausage, I really really love Thai dishes!  There is something about the spiciness, sweetness, curryness, and rice that blends together to just make a total foodgasm in my mouth!

I have eaten at many Thai places in the Atlanta area, and I’ve never really had a bad experience.  It always seems like the service and food is good.  However, there are a few that set themselves apart in my mind.  Nahm Thai Cuisine is one of those places.

Laura and I first tried this place when going out with neighbors when we moved into our neighborhood.  And we could tell that this couple really liked the place because they pretty much demanded we go there (if we liked thai food, and we do).  This was a good sign.  At first I thought the place was a little over priced (about 10% more) than some of my other favorite Thai places.  But that was quickly offset by the quality of the dishes.

The menu is pretty large, there is a lot of selection.  But it my book, I judge a thai place by the quality of their green curry (this is just a generic picture of green curry).  Damn I love green curry!  I inherited this method of judgement from my Dad who judges burger restaurants based on their ability to make a bacon cheeseburger.  Obviously on my first visit to this new Thai place I got the green curry.

AWESOME!  I loved every bite of it!  It had the right amount of spicy, and the serving was very plentiful!  So a few months later I went back to this place with my older brother, and again got the green curry.  Normally I would branch out, but I just couldn’t!  Again, it tasted great!

Now I went back to Nahm last week for dinner after work.  It wasnt very crowded (probably because it was 6:30 on a rainy school night) which was good (for me as you will see).  I decided to order the coconut soup appetizer (another favorite of mine) to my green curry entree.  The thai coconut soup is another measuring stick I use for Thai places, and this one exceeded my expectations!  Laura, took a bite of it and also thought it was wonderful.  I had to swat her spoon away several times.  We must Protect this house!!!

So while we were eating, the chef came to our table and dropped off a plate of fried spinach for us to taste.  It was pretty good.  Salty with a interestingly sweet finish.  It was also very light on the tongue so I thought it would make a great garnish for one of their dishes.  Then about 10 minutes later she came out again with a bowl of a yellow curry.  She introduced herself as Nahm (oh snaps!  she owns this place!) and told us that she was experimenting with new flavors and dishes.  I thought this was so cool!  I wanted to go back and work with her (i.e. eat what she was making).  I told her my thoughts on the fried spinach and she agreed.  She thought it was a little too sweet and that it would go well on top of a fish plate, like grouper.  It was really cool to talk with her and get her thoughts about her creations.

Besides the great meal we ordered, getting to meet the chef in such a casual atmosphere was wonderful!  I really really enjoyed it.  So the great food, service, and friendliness will keep me coming back again and again!  You should really try this place!!
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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: Nahm Thai Cuisine

  1. Cool review. How do you think they compare to places like Satay House and Lime Juice? I haven’t eaten enough Thai food to be able to tell them apart. But like you, I love the cuisine!

    • I have not eated at Satay House, but have tried Lime Juice a handful of times. Nahm is slightly more expensive, but the quality of food and atmosphere more than make up for it in my mind. Also I think the appetizers at Nahm are by far better than Lime Juice Bistro!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the great review, Bacon Wrapped Rob! We gave you a shout out on our Facebook page so others could see what a great experience we strive to provide for our customers! 🙂 We’re glad you had a great meal and got to spend some time with Nahm.

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