Restaurant Review: The Counter

Originally started in California, The Counter restaurant chain has made its way to the southeast.  I originally heard of this place when Laura’s brother, who lives in LA, told us we had to go there.  At first when I heard it was a California hamburger restaurant I was skeptical.  I thought it would just be all avocado, sprouts, and 93/7 (7% fat) ground beef.

I was totally wrong!  Well not on the avocado and sprouts part, but on the rest of the stigma I placed on it.  The concept of this place is simple; they supply the ingredients, you supply the vision.  By that I mean, you have a wide range of toppings, cheeses, sauces, and buns from which you can build your perfect hamburger.  And with options of 1/3 lb, 2/3lb, or a whole pound meat patty, there is no excuse to leave The Counter hungry.

The toppings range from tomatoes and onions, to green chilies and sun dried tomatoes.  Corn salsa to olives to jalepenos.  They also have a section of “premium toppings” that include chili, thai peanut sauce, fried onions, and more.  My favorite burger creation so far has been a 2/3 lb burger with sharp provolone, sauteed onions, corn salsa, tomatoes, and chili, on a white bun.  I get hungry just typing it!

As for side dishes I can only speak for a few items.  Those would be the french fries, onion strings, and sweet potato fries.  The fries and onion strings are served with their special BBQ sauce which is really good!  Its sweeter, and has a nice finish.  The sweet potato fries, Laura’s favorite, come with a horseradish aioli (mayo).  All of these sides are terrific!  Here’s a tip for you: You can use your fries, onion strings, and/or sweet potato fries, as another topping for your already gargantuan burger!!  This is a great freakin tip, you better use it.

Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea. The other half of the burger is crammed in my mouth.

Finally, after this huge all-American meal you are probably thinking of a way to finish it off with something sweet.  Well, besides the standard desserts of cakes and whatnot, The Counter specializes in fantastic thick-ass milkshakes!  Get the strawberry, it’s the best.

The Counter far exceeded my expectations, and for the several times I have gone back, has continued its standard of great food.  When we have friends and family in from out of town, this is always a place we suggest on going.  That may be selfish on my end, but I don’t care.
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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: The Counter

  1. John says:

    Definitely a great burger place. We enjoyed it, even if the waiter was a nut case.

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