Jilly’s Cupcakery Makes it’s Mark on the Cupcake Scene

Jilly’s Jilly’s Jilly’s where to begin?…. So Jilly’s Cupcakery is the latest bakery to open focusing solely on the cupcake. I talked a little about the popular cupcake trend in an earlier post and mentioned a few of the better places locally and nationally. But when Laura and I heard about this new place that was close by we got a little excited. Granted it is a double-edged sword to have a cupcake place so near to you.

A couple of months ago Laura mentioned to me about this new cupcake place opening up near Windward parkway. I could sense her excitement by her huge smile and her repeated questions of, “Do you want to go there tonight?!?!?” Soon enough I said, “sure let’s try it.” We drove over to Jilly’s around 7:30pm after our dinner only to find that the place had closed. What? It’s 7:30. This is primetime for after dinner dessert decisions. Laura quickly checked online and saw that they are only open until 6pm Mondays through Thursdays, til 7 on Fridays and Saturdays, and closed on Sundays. To me those hours are excluding many potential buyers.  After all, most of my after dinner dessert decisions are impulses, not planned.

If you work during the day it’s not always easy to leave work early to beat the traffic. So getting to Jilly’s by closing time is a challenge.   But the other day I was lucky to be able to get there before closing. My first question was if they had any plans to take American Express in the future, but the cashier had no idea. I didn’t really expect her to, but I thought raising the question might help in the long run. Whatever. My second question was if they had any plans to stay open later. She knew the answer to that one, and it was a confident, NO.

OK, I don’t really care. I’m not buying this stuff all the time. I can control my addictions, and plus, Alpine Bakery is open til at least 9.  My sweet tooth is covered.  Let’s get down to the cupcakes.

They have a daily selection of about 10 flavors plus two bonus flavors that change based on the day of the week. Luckily for me the flavors I wanted to try were the daily flavors. I’m assuming it’s what they do best. You want to put out what you do best all the time right??? I chose to get the banana nut and the red velvet. I know I know, the red velvet is cliché and blah blah blah. But hey, it’s serves as a good control for the tasting experiment. You need a control, damnit!

Inside at Jilly's looks fantastic!

I brought the cupcakes home (which cost me, with tax, $5.89, no too bad) and Laura was more excited about seeing them than she was seeing me. We decided to try the banana cupcake first before dinner. Our first impressions were that the cream cheese frosting was terrific. Really, it was great. Nice, not too sweet, light, and just good all around. The cake part however was, for lack of a better word, meh. It was tough, which didn’t go well with the light frosting. I know I could have made a better cake part.

Banana nut and red velvet cupcakes from Jilly's. Look good! That's about it.

After dinner we got into the red velvet cupcake. Laura’s first thought was, “I thought red velvet cakes were supposed to be red?” I looked at it and agreed with her. There was no red food coloring, which I know doesn’t add to the flavor, but it adds to the name! This was also a cream cheese frosting, the same as the first cupcake. We knew that was going to be good, and it was. However, again the cake was off. And this time it was REALLY OFF!! It was hard like a cookie! This was not how a professional cupcake should taste (except for the frosting of course). We had a bad feeling about it when we were taking the paper off. The whole body of the cupcake was hard to the touch. Jilly’s really needed to exercised some quality control and thrown out this over-cooked batch. It was uber bad.

Final thoughts. There is only one thing about Jilly’s that would make me want to go back and that is the frosting. The cake was terrible, the hours are unaccommodating, and they don’t take AMEX! If they fix the cake recipe, I’ll go back. But until then, it’s not worth it. The cake part is vital! If you have had a better experience please comment and let me know! I want to like this place!  My thought was, two different batches were bad, so I’m not confident the others will be any different.  However, since this place is very new (2 months) I think it will be able to iron out the kinks.

NOTE: Since my tweet on Friday February 11, Jilly’s has sent me a message saying they have been working on their cake recipe.  I will try them again this week or the next and report on the change

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6 Responses to Jilly’s Cupcakery Makes it’s Mark on the Cupcake Scene

  1. I came to the same conclusion about Jilly’s. Terrific frosting but cake that goes dry very quick. I had kinda hoped they had fixed this by now (I haven’t been back since early January). They need to get with it as they are about to have some direct competition at The Avenue Forsyth.

  2. Christina says:

    How bout we extend the war to Fulton county? I’ve been perfecting my cupcake, and would love to put it to the test

  3. A Jilly's Fan! says:

    Give them another try! They are now open later (unless they sell out) – and they were going through “growing pains” in early Feb. They had only been open a month & half and were having to experiment a bit….Think you will be much happier now!!

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