Restaurant Review: Vintage Pizza

In what looks like another Crabapple townhouse, sits one of the better pizza places in the North Fulton area. Vintage Pizza has become pretty popular over the last couple years because of their good pizza and family inviting atmosphere.

I cant remember the first time I went to Vintage Pizza, but since then I have been back several times for Thursday Night Trivia (presented by Each time I go the staff has been friendly and the pizza has been on the mark. Let me break the food down a little for you.

For appetizers I like to get the garlic bread with cheese. This dish is composed of 4 pieces of very soft baked garlic bread covered with a slice of what I think is mozzerella cheese (it could be some other type, but whatever). This appy never lasts long at my table. You see, I was raised in a house with two other brothers and if you took your time loading your plate with dinner, you might not get as much as you want. Take for instance, tater tots. Tater tots in my house growing up could cause a blood bath. This garlic bread is delicious, so be selfish and take an extra piece!

Salads. Yes I have had the salads, and they are also good. Usually we will get the greek salad and Laura will filter the green peppers, onions, and olives to my plate. She is great at sharing! Last time we went we got the spinach salad with almonds, craisens, goat cheese, red onions, and a raspberry vinagerette. The large salad will serve 2 to 3 people pretty well as a starter.

Pizza. The pizza, specifically the dough, is really really good. Its not thin crust, and its not thick crust, its just regular-ass crust. Not regualr ass-crust. Hahaha! Top serious, this pizza is really good! I like to get it with pepperoni, onions, and garlic! Laura likes the Carmine’s Own which is basil, tomatoes, and cheese. There are several specialty pizzas that you would expect to see like BBQ chicken and buffalo chicken as well. We havent had a bad pizza yet! One thing that Vintage does better than ANY other place i’ve been to is the art of split toppings. Since Laura and I rarely agree on pizza toppings, we like to do half and half. Vinatge pizza never has an issue, no matter how crazy the combos are. This is really nice especially if you have picky eaters in the house.

FInally, I want to mention their lunch specials. For $6.95 you receive a slice of pizza with one topping, a salad and a drink. That piece of pizza is borderline ridiculous in size! It’s not just a skimpy Papa Johns slice, its about an 80-90 degree section of the pizza. Respect.

Overall, Vintage Pizzeria is a solid bet for all people of any age. It’s great for families, couples, and individuals. If you are looking for something you’ve never had before, or something creative, this isn’t your place. But if you want the classics, and the classics done well, go there.
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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Vintage Pizza

  1. John says:

    You are right about the tots. Remember also that you were not only competing with Rich and David, you were competing with mom. Still the same today, BTW.

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