Store Review: Ferguson’s Meat Market

When I was doing comparison shopping for my Big Green Egg, I had to call a bunch of suppliers.  One of these suppliers was Ferguson’s Meat Market in Cumming, GA.  On the BGE website I was able to get their phone number, but their name intrigued me deeply!  I had to know about this meat market!

I found their website pretty easily and was like a kid in a virtual candy store!  It was a market dedicated to meat!!  OMG, this was awesome.  And it was close to the outlets, so when Laura tries to drag me to the outlets, I can just ask her to drop me off at Ferguson’s.  Oh God, this was perfect!  I immediately sent her the link and told her, “This is where I want to have my birthday party!!”

She opened the link and was greeted with the sounds of searing beef and mooing cows (the website has noises, so 1998).   I didn’t know this because the sound was turned off on my machine.  But after looking around the website we found that they in fact do accomodate birthday parties!!!  HAHA!  Awesome!

I ended up not getting the BGE there because they didn’t have the best deal, but whatever.  I still wanted to go there.  A few months later, one of our friends mentioned that they went there and since it was her first time, they gave her a half pound of bacon for free!  What?!??!  Free Bacons?!?!  I’m there!

Earlier this week I got the primal craving for beef.  Specifically I wanted to make some ribeyes.  I thought, this was the perfect time to see what Ferguson’s was all about.  I checked their prices online and saw that boneless ribeyes were only $7.99 a pound.  That’s a great deal!  On their website they had a few coupons for purchases over 30 and 50 dollars, but I forgot to print them out.  Whoops, they will probably honor them if I bring them up like most places.

The store front of Ferguson's Meat Market

Pulling up to Ferguson’s we saw the irony of all irnoies.  It shares a driveway with the Coal Mountain Animal Hospital!  ROFL, that was awesome.  I just hope they dont get their meat from the animal hospital….oh damn…what if they get their meat from the animal hospital??  Ok, shake that thought out of your mind.  Laura and I walk in and I’m instantly paralyzed with all the options.  Laura thought it wasnt as big as she was expecting.  And she has a point, its not that big.  But the meat counter in the back is pretty big.  I couldnt decide what to get, or what not to get.  I was like a squirrel in the middle of the road.

Once Laura slapped me and told me to snap out of it, I got focussed.  I looked at the ribeyes and they were looking good!  However, the price was $12.99 a pound.  Hmmmm?  I asked the butcher and he said, “On the website it says that prices are subject to change.”  What I think he meant was prices on the website are NOT subject to change.  I really doubt they update that thing.  So before you go, you should call and check the prices if you are price sensitive.  At this point, I was invested in the purchase and I got two nicely marbled ribeyes.  We looked around for some more stuff like sauces.  They have a ton of sauces to choose from.  I also picked up a bag of maple wood chips and apple wood chips for my next slow cooking experiment.

A portion of the pork selection.

Part of the beef selection.

While Laura was looking around she found some taco shells that expired the month before.  Uh oh….  This is probably not the place to get your groceries.  Just come here for meat I say.  Before checking out we picked up a couple pulled pork sandwiches for $3 each.  Not a bad deal, and they were pretty good.  Not amazing, but good.

When we got the check out, we asked the lady about the coupons we saw online.  She was adamant that we had to have the print out in order to redeem the coupon.  There’s no bar code or code of any kind on the print out, so I’m not sure why they need it.  I didnt ask, but she told me they needed it for accounting reasons.  Ok, whatever.  After we checked out we asked the cashier about the free bacon for our first visit.  I wanted that BACON!!  She said, “oh yeah, no problem, I’ll get that for you.”  So she goes to the back, wraps up a half pound of thick cut bacon in the butcher paper, the scribbles “no charge” on it and hands it to us.  Accounting, anybody???  Whatevs, I dont care about their accounting consistency.  It’s just funny.

I’ll have a post tomorrow about how the ribeyes came out, but let me conclude with some thoughts on Feguson’s Meat Market.  Do they have nice cuts of meat?  Yes.  Do they have all the cuts you would want of pork, beef, chicken, and sausage? Probably.  Is it worth a drive over 30 minutes?  I don’t think so.  If I took the time to look, I’m sure I can find a butcher shop just like Ferguson’s closer to the perimeter.  What happened was infatuation.  I fell in love with the idea of Ferguson’s.  I didn’t care how far away it was, I just wanted to be with it.  Overall, its just a country grocery store that has a great meat selection.  Nothing more.


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8 Responses to Store Review: Ferguson’s Meat Market

  1. John says:

    I know the feeling. You get into your mind that something is going to be greater than grits, and then the reality is a let down.

  2. Cool review. I’ve always wanted to try this place, but it’s a hike up there. How do they compare on selection and price to NY Butcher Shoppe in Alpharetta?

    And I had a similar experience with online coupons. A local store offered a coupon on their facebook page. I was in the store showing it to them on my phone. No dice, they wanted a paper copy. Bigtime fail.

    • Havent been to the NY Butcher Shoppe yet, but now I am more inclined to try it out. It would be nice if there was an awesome family owned butcher in the area. But that is just wishful thinking on my part.

  3. Matt says:

    I must go here next time I am up that way.

  4. Greg says:

    I know this sounds strange, but the best steaks I’ve found, consistantly, have been at Costco. And now they have Prime steaks if you’re willing to spend the extra money.

    • That is definitely NOT strange! I get most of my steaks and other meats like chicken and salmon at costco. First they have a ton to pick from, greaat prices, and the same quality as a publix. I didn’t know they had Prime steaks, that is great news! I think I would be willing to pony up the extra money every now and then for some awesome prime steaks. Thank you so much for the intel!!

      • Greg says:

        Look for the gold label. I have to admit I haven’t bought the prime steaks yet. We really like their choice steaks (I actually think they’re much better than Publix), and I’m worried we’ll get spoiled.

      • I agree, noticeably better than publix.

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