Restaurant Review: ZPizza

There are tons of pizza places to choose from in any city.  Atlanta is no different.  More specifically, Alpharetta and Roswell are no different either.  I think many people find a pizza place they like and stay with it.  But if you are looking for something a little different from your favorite pizza place, why not give ZPizza a look.

ZPizza, like The Counter, is another California transplant.  That doesnt necessarily mean it is all avocado, tofu, and incredible debt.  What it is is “organic” ingredients.  I put organic in parentheses because I am always confused by its meaning.  Some people thing it means healthy, others thing it means low calorie, and more people think it means hand-made.  Honestly, I really dont know what to think, and I really dont care.  The bottom line is the pizza tastes good.

ZPizza offers several specialty pizzas including mexican, tuscan (an assortment of mushrooms), and my favorite BBQ pizza.  Each of these varieties, from my experience have been pretty darn good.  Like Vintage Pizzeria, ZPizza is very accommodating to the split pizza flavors.  Having so many varieties and also the ability to build your own, splitting toppings on a pizza is key.

Half mexican, half tuscan. We have gotten this combo many times.

Half BBQ Chicken, Half something else (an array of chose your own toppings)

Another thing I like about ZPizza is that they dont skimp on the toppings.  Each pizza I have ordered from them has been loaded.  I’ve yet to hold the piece to my mouth and wonder where all the toppings have gone (I have this problem with many delivery pizzas).

Finally, ZPizza does a good job of offering special deals.  For instance, on Tuesdays if you order a large pizza, you can get a second large for $2.  For those of you feeding a family, this is a great deal!  I did the deal the other day, got 2 pizzas with four different sets of toppings for less than $21!!

Let me summarize.  ZPizza makes good pizzas.  They are consistent.  They also offer deals on a regular basis.  So if you are looking for a weekday curveball to spice things up, I would give ZPizza a look.  Odds are you wont be disappointed.
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One Response to Restaurant Review: ZPizza

  1. John says:

    It is simple, organic means overpriced.

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