Restaurant Review: Scratch Fresh

I had the opportunity to try Scratch Fresh for lunch the other week and was very pleasantly surprised.  Scratch has been open for at least a year, but still I never hear anything about it.  I don’t know about you, but if I was running a restaurant I would do everything I could to get people in the door!  Afterall, that’s how you make money and stay in business.

But whatever, the food is all I really care about.  Scratch serves breakfast lunch and dinner, but all I can speak to at this point is the lunch.  And their lunch specialty is hamburgers.  Another local blogger, Roots in Alpharetta (you should check out his site!), made the great comparison to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Like Five Guys, you can pick as many toppings as you want for no additional charge, unless of course you pick a premium topping.  I hate that, but I know why all these places charge more for premium toppings.  But unlike Five Guys, these burgers taste good!

When you are sitting in the limited seating area and this sign is above you, it's hard to forget where you're eating.

The Menu is pretty straight forward. Nothing exotic.

If I had time in the morning, I could see myself sitting here and eating some breakfast.

The best way I can think of to describe these burgers and juicy and homemade.  If that doesn’t sound good to you, you need to adjust your thinking.  Really these burgers taste fresh and you can tell they were just made.  The patties aren’t very thick like The Counter, but instead flattened on the griddle.  So you are only going to get the burgers cooked one way, medium well. These burgers are also a bit greasy, but greasiness shouldn’t be seen as a negative.  What I mean is they are juicy and moist.  Five Guys or any other fast food burger joint have very dry and corporate tasting patties.  They suck.  These are good, bottom line.

As you can see, the burgers are not carefully constructed. They are slapped together like any red-blooded American would like!

I tried the french fries there as well.  I have nothing to say good bad or otherwise about them.  But next time I go, I’ll probably skip them.  I mean I have a figure to maintain, ya hurd!?!?!  They’re not fresh cut, and I think they might change these in the future in an effort to maintain brand identity as a place providing FRESH food from SCRATCH.  But, then again, they may not.

I really want to go here for breakfast some time because I really enjoyed my lunch and I think it will be good.  They open at 7am so it’s pretty accessible to those who work.  But until then I’ll just say, Scratch is a worthwhile place to try for lunch.  The food is nice, and the staff is really friendly.  If you are thinking of going here for the first time, there is very little risk.  It’s worth a look.

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6 Responses to Restaurant Review: Scratch Fresh

  1. John says:

    The fries look rather greasy, which is not all bad. Next time try the rings. That is the way to test a burger joint.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Rob. The last time I went to Scratch the place was packed! Yeah, they don’t do a lot in the way of generating buzz on their own, but word is getting out. You didn’t mention the staff in your review. They are all super friendly folks. I think that goes a long way. Also explains their stellar rating on Urbanspoon.

    Another review I read in the Neighbor Newspapers gave Scratch a tough time for not having fresh ingredients. It is a fair criticism I think, especially for the fries. But I’ll say this, frozen spuds notwithstanding, they are cooked well. Golden brown and crispy.

  3. Glad you tried Scratch Fresh. I am a HUGE fan. I have been there for breakfast and lunch. Both are exceptional. As good as the food is, the service is better. Kelly, one of the waitresses, made a point to remember my name….not bad.
    They also have a peanut butter pie that is” slap your mama good”. It didn’t sound like anything I wanted to try;but the owner brought a piece over for us to try one day and now it is my go to dessert to bring to a dinner party. I am serious food snob ; so, this a big compliment. Also, everytime I leave there, Kelly gives me a handful of free burger or omelet cards. February was a record month for them. One Sunday they ran out of grits! So proud of them !

  4. Anita says:

    Thanks for the tip about Scratch. I’ve been driving by it since it opened, but didn’t know anything about it and just assumed it would eventually close like so many other businesses in that area. We’ll give it a try soon!

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