Restaurant Review: The Flying Biscuit

Eight or so years ago it seemed like the only Flying Biscuit in Atlanta was in Midtown on 10th and Piedmont.  On the weekend, the place was always super crowded with waits as long as an hour.  One day while I was living downtown I decided to check it out.  I mean, it must be super good because it’s super popular right?

After waiting the obligatory hour, Laura and I were seated in the middle of a crowded dining area and eventually waited on.  That’s all I really remember from my first visit to the Midtown Flying Biscuit.  I cant tell you what I ate, so I guess it wasnt too memorable of a visit.

Fast forward to today.  Flying Biscuits have proliferated in the north metro area pretty well.  There are several locations in North Fulton making me now wonder why I ever waited in such a long line.  I have gone to the Roswell location (on Mansell Road) several times since it opened last year and overall I like the place.

Service-wise there is nothing special.  When I’m there I feel like I’m just another customer in a diner.  But that is ok with me.  As long as the service is prompt, courteous, and accurate I am cool.  The dining area itself is a little small, probably somewhere around 25 tables.  This kind of makes me nervous that I may have to wait a while to be seated at some point in the future.  But I have gone on the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) and never had a wait over 10 minutes.  That is really good in my book!!

As far as the food goes, Flying Biscuit does a nice job of preparing its dishes well everytime.  They serve a wide range of omlets and scrambles as well as pancakes, french toast, and other lunch fare.  To me a scramble is simply an omelet the chef screwed up.   But however you want to look at it, it’s pretty good.  Laura likes to get the smoked salmon scramble.  It has cream cheese, and salmon in it, and is served with their “creamy dreamy grits” (which are exactly how they describe) and a biscuit.  You have the option of getting white or wheat biscuits, go with the white… much better in my opinion.

Smoked Salmon Scramble

Last time I went I got the Meggxican Wrap which was a flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheese, and other junk.  then topped with a red pepper salsa (very tastey!) and sour cream.  I really like the dish and will probably order it again.

Meggxican Wrap

Flying Biscuit has marketed itself as a substitute to J. Christophers which is a sizable step above IHOP when it comes to quality of food and service.  However, you wont notice a sizable increase in your final bill compared to IHOP.  Pricing is very fair and easy to swallow.

I give Flying Biscuit a solid recommendation!
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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: The Flying Biscuit

  1. John says:

    Better than Denny’s?

    • The last Denny’s I went to was in Orlando off of 192. I will probably never return to Denny’s. Well… unless they have halogram baseball cards to give away. Goooo 1990’s!!!

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