Restaurant Review: Rumi’s Kitchen

I first went to Rumi’s Kitchen in October or Novemeber of 2010.  I have gone once or twice a month since then.  Is Rumi’s Kitchen really close to where I live?  No, but it is well worth the moderate travel required.

Rumi’s is a restaurant specializing in Persian cuisine.  They take the stereotype for kabobs and flat bread and totally blow them out of the water.  The meat here is incredibley juicy, flavorful and tender.  The flat bread is fresh, soft, and addicting.  And the appetizers are always on point!  I would know, I have gone many times.

Located on Roswell Road just north of the perimeter, Rumi’s occupies a very small building.  Seating inside, and in the covered vestibule is somewhat tight.  Due to the small quarters and limited seating, reservations for dinner are very important Thursday through Sunday.  If you dont have a reservation, there is very little space for you to wait around the 30-45 minutes usually regquired.  Make your reservation using Open Table and start getting points for eating out.  This is not an advertisement for them, its just smart shopping.

As far as the food goes, I have not had a bad dish.  In place of the conventional rolls or biscuits Rumi’s serves a basket of flat bread with a spread of cheese, butter, olives, walnuts, radishes, and tarragon.  With this I usually order and appetizer of which my favorite is the Mast Khiyar.  This is a yogurt based dip with cucumbers, walnuts, herbs and raisins.  It’s delicious.

For entrees my favorite is the Lamb Kabob.  For this you will get an oversized serving of saffron basmati rice with a generous portion of lentils and raisins mixed in.  At first I was skeptical of how rice and raisins might taste, but those apprehensions quickly vanished.  The raisins provide a very nice sweetness and help balance the dryness of the rice and lentils.  Along with the rice, the main star of the show is the 6 or so pieces of juicy lamb.  Seasoned to incredibly and cooked to perfection, these pieces of lamb will keep you coming back for more.  And….AND they make fantastic leftovers that will last for a few days.

Lamb Kabob with saffron basmati rice. My favorite dish at Rumi's Kitchen!!

Laura likes to get the Chinjeh Kabob which is a bunch of tender grilled beef on a bed of flat bread.  While the beef rests on the bread, the bread will become softer and softer making even more delicious.  Served with this is a dip of mast mousir (a yogurt garlic dip).

Shrimp Kabob with some of the biggest shrimp you will get at a restaurant.

Service wise Rumi’s is allright.  One thing you will never feel is forgotten, but that’s because the waiter or waitress will come by every 2-3 minutes.  At times it can make you feel rushed which I don’t like.  It makes me eat faster.  And if you ask Laura, I am already a really fast eater, so any faster would make me look like a competitive eater.

Is this what you want to see when you go out on a date? Competitive Eating is best suited for a carnival, not a restaurant.

The small hiccups in service are no hinderance to my love of Rumi’s.  This is a must try for anybody that like Persian Food, or anybody who wants to try something new.  The menu and dishes are suited for a very wide range of palettes.  Put this on your list of places to try!
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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Rumi’s Kitchen

  1. John says:

    That lamb kabob looks really good and juicy.

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