Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

A few weeks ago, one of my friends told me about this great food blog Smitten Kitchen.  I didn’t read alot about the blog, but just perused it’s recipes and other posts.  And I must say, it is awesome!  This is a must read blog becuase of the original recipes and great pictures.

One of the recipes I was most intrigued about was the Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake.  I’d never had an olive oil cake, or heard of one for that matter.  But from what I could gather, it was similar to pound cake, but probably a little less dense.  And it was very moist.  Blood oranges, on the other hand, I have tried before.  I like them, I guess.  But for me, they are more used for their look and color rather than their taste.  They taste good, but I dont find their flavor to be really unique.  Top Chef contestants use them a lot.

I had most of the ingredients for this recipe in my pantry and fridge except for the blood oranges.  I had to get those at Whole Foods, or as I have heard them called Whole Paychecks.  And at $2.99/lb, 6 blood oranges came out to be $8.50!!  That is crazy!!  Way too much for my blood (pun intended).

So here are some of the highlights of the cooking process.  My sister-in-law, Christiane, helped out a bunch.  She is really good at slicing up fruits and vegetables, so I had her teach me a few tricks.  One of those tricks is “supremeing” the orange.  This is where you cut out the fruit from the fleshy stuff that has a bitter taste.  This technique is great for getting oranges into salads, in case you are curious.  To do this to 5 of the 6 oranges took a bit of time, but it was fun.  I like learning new things.  We also had to get the zest of the orange, and for that we used the microplane grater.  This worked out so well!!

The microplane grater worked very well for zesting the oranges

Christiane demonstrating how to supreme an orange.

Me taking a slice at it. I'm a man, I take off much larger portions at a time. I am also not a perfectionist.

Cutting out individual sections is much easier with a sharp knife. Sharpen your knives, folks!

Following the instructions from the blog was easy, and after baking for 50 minutes, the cake came out so beautiful!!  We let it rest for a while to cool.  Then I ran a knife around the edge of the cake pan to help remove it, and it came out very easily.  Topping it with the blood orange compote and whip cream, the dessert was ready!

The beautiful cake!

The cake was so moist inside!

Let me tell you, this was fantastic!!  So moist with a slightly crispy crust!  A wonderful dessert, and an original dessert.  Please try this if you have a chance, I know you will love it!

This dessert will definitely wow your guests. We put some zest on top so it could be more Top Chef like.

Ok, when I try this cake again here is what I’m going to do.  I am going to scrap the blood oranges and try substitute some of the squeezed orange juice with lemon juice.  I think this will provide the acidity and make a more neutral canvas for a different topping.  For the topping, I want to make a mixture of grilled peaches and blueberries.  If you havent had the peach/blueberry combo, it is money!!  When I do this, I’ll let you all know.


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  1. Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. ~Harriet van Horne

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