Restaurant Update: Jilly’s Cupcakery

A few weeks ago I went to Jilly’s Cupcakery in Alpharetta and had less than a stellar experience.  You might remember my last review where I found the cake part of the cupcakes to be very dry and way over-baked.

After tweeting about my last cupcakes, Jilly’s sent me a message saying that they have been working on their baking times and inviting me to try a couple more on the house.  I thought that was a very cool move on their part.  It’s nice to see a company looking to be the best.

So I went in the other day got two replacement cupcakes, then purchased a couple more.  You know I like to taste as much as I can :).  On this trip I got the red velvet again, chocolate peanut butter, double chocolate and carrot cake.  All of these flavors are good in my book.  I love them!

If there is one this consistent with Jilly's, it's that they will make some beautiful cupcakes!

To tastes these cupcakes I had a panel of four people, including myself.  Our first impressions were, like before, the frosting is really really good!!  Next we noticed the marked improvement of the cake quality.  It definitely was NOT overcooked this time.  Flavor of the cupcakes, across the board, was well received.  The only complaint which was consistently heard was about the texture and density of the cake.  All tasters seemed to reiterate that the cake seemed drier than they would prefer.  Also the cake was very dense, but for chocolate cupcakes, you gotta expect that, right??  I took the lead on the carrot cake cupcake which I found pretty good.  It had more spice than some people might like.  It also had some yellow raisins and strands of carrots which I really enjoyed!  If you like the carrot-ness of carrot cake, this is a cupcake for you!

On whole, Jilly’s is making improvements and getting much better!  I think from my first experience, those issues could have been corrected with simple quality control practices.  There is no doubt in my mind that if Jilly’s continues to be it’s own biggest critic, they will be very popular for a long time.  Since my critique of their cake is a matter of personal preference, I recommend you try them for yourself and see what you think.  Post some comments and let’s figure this place out!

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2 Responses to Restaurant Update: Jilly’s Cupcakery

  1. Lee Guy says:

    I came to much the same conclusion in my review… the cake was very dry. I don’t know if they are doing something wrong in the baking, or if they are being left out too long. I’d imagine a cupcake sitting on that counter all day would dry out a lot. Maybe a sealed holding area would help. Either way, they need to get this problem fixed pretty quick as the competition is heating up. They are about to have two competitors in Crabapple and another at The Avenue Forsyth.

    • Competition is always good for the consumer. The big improvement from the first visit to the second visit is very encouraging. Their location is also a major plus for me. Looking forward to checking out the crabapple competition.

      On another note, we were told by the folks at alpine bakery that when they moved (last summer) they would be serving cupcakes in their new location. So far, they havent done that. I think if they could get their quality of dessert into a cupcake, it would be tough to beat.

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