Restaurant Review: Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery

Bobby G’s came to Milton, GA some time last year.  And everytime I drove by it, I thought to myself, “Man, I could really go for some Chicago style deep-dish pizza.”  But everytime I would just pass on by thinking I’ll go another time.

After neglecting it for a few months I heard from my co-workers that the place was pretty good.  I asked how the deep dish was, but they could only comment on the hot dogs and sandwiches.  Ok, well at least it got decent reviews.

So one Saturday in January I decided to try Bobby G’s for lunch.  I wasnt in any type of hurry, I was just going to see how it was.  Walking into the restaurant was like walking into a Best Buy where all the TV’s were turned on at full volume.  That’s cool, it’s a sports bar.  I like sports bars.  You order your food at the counter but I had a difficult time reading the menu posted on the wall behind the cashier.  I looked for a paper menu so I could peruse the selections before making my decision.  I already knew what I wanted, deep dish, but I thought I should at least check out what they have.

Trouble was, folks, they didn’t have any menus for those in line to look at!  I was lucky there weren’t a ton of people there because I couldn’t read the menu until I got to the cashier.  Once to the front of the line, I told the lady that I wanted a slice of the deep dish pizza.  “We dont serve deep dish pizza, only thin crust.”, she replied.

WHA?!?!  You have the word Chicago in your name, and you dont have the stereotypical Chicago fare?  I was shocked, still am shocked.  But then I had to scramble through their menu to find something I wanted.  There were a bunch of different hot dogs and sandwiches.  When reading through the hot dogs I quickly noticed that while the dishes have creative names, those creative names don’t mean shit to me if there is no description with them.  So I had to ask the cashier what was in a few of the hot dogs, then I just gave up.  I asked what their most popular hot dog is.  What do you know, it’s the Chicago Dog.  Kewl…. I’ll take one of those and a 420 draft beer.  By that point, I really wanted some beer.

After the adventure of ordering I sat down and within seconds my hot dog arrived at my table.  Size was meh.  It looked like a Ball Park Frank you might get at the grocery store.  Unimpressive.  But you know, I like Ball Park Franks, so I should like this.  Chicago Dogs, for those of you who are unfamiliar are hot dogs with mustard and different types of relish.  Simple, tasty, and easy.  Bobby G’s Chicago Dog tasted fine, but it was surely something I would never go back for (It was about $2.75 for just the hot dog).  There was nothing interesting about the bun, the dog, or the toppings.  It was very forgettable.

I think they use these for their hot dogs. Hopefully not this exact package (check out expiration date)!!!

I didn’t know this before I got there, but Bobby G’s is a chain restaurant.  And once I walked in, I knew it was.  All the “flair” on the wall carefully selected to make you think you are in an honest-to-gosh Chicago establishment was, for lack of a better word, dopey.  If it says in Bobby G’s mission statement, “…to serve our customers in an atmosphere reminiscent of the love child between Applebees, Fudruckers, and Mike Ditka…” then they are doing a great job!  I feel like I’m in Chicago when I’m at Bobby G’s just as much as I feel like it’s Friday when I’m at TGIFridays.

Bobby G's doesn't have deep dish?!?!?! C'mon MAN!!!!!

I can’t speak to the pizza or sandwiches, but if you want a hot dog just go to Costco!  They are twice the size, and you can put all the topppings of onions, sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard, or relish, you like.  It will only set you back $1.60 (including the tax) and you will get a drink.  Bottom line, if you don’t make it to Bobby G’s, you shouldn’t shed a tear.
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15 Responses to Restaurant Review: Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery

  1. Rich says:

    Whoa, Ditka looks totally sharp in thos blublocker shades

  2. Nelly says:

    Go here for a real hot dog:

  3. Lee Guy says:

    I’ve been here a handful of times, each time wishing something would appeal to me. It doesn’t. If you talk to the owner, he’ll tell you that the menu is true to his Chicago roots. That’s great I suppose. But like you I wanted deep dish and I didn’t find it. The pizza they do offer was pretty terrible. The dogs are just alright. The skin of the dog is a bit too tight for me.

    And I hate splitting hairs, but Bobby G’s is in Milton, not Alpharetta. Figured I would mention that before a Miltonista corrected you on it. They are tough defending their territory.

  4. Minerva says:'s-chicago-style-eatery-opening-by-jan-2-in-lindbergh-station/

    You might enjoy reading through all 3 pages of this thread. It touches on many of the points you brought up.

  5. John says:

    We can leave this one off the list for April.

  6. AK says:

    I live in Milton but still use the Alpharetta address since I don’t care for the whole Milton as a city or county idea. Anyway, as for Bobby G’s, we tried it for the first time last weekend and like you asked for deep dish, only to be told by a guy with a thick Chicago accent that they don’t serve it and that deep dish isn’t authentic Chicago at all? What??!! So the pizza I’ve had *in* Chicago at Gino’s East no less is not authentic? Bobby G’s didn’t impress us, and we won’t be rushing back either.

  7. Southside Jocko says:

    You base your critique on a hotdog!? Thin crust pizza cut into squares is the more common way pizza is served in Chicago. The menu is in large font right behind the counter. Everytime I go there for lunch it’s packed and the food is pretty darn good.

    • The critique is on more than just the hotdog, but the hotdog didn’t help Bobby G’s case IMO. When the term “Chicago Eatery” is mentioned, I am willing to bet that 9 out 10 people will immediately think deep dish pizza. If Bobby G’s served deep dish they would go a long way to set themselves apart from other restaurants in the area. You can get thin crust pizza anywhere.

      • Scott says:

        I grew up in Chicago, only a handful of places actually serve deep dish. Also, don’t order a hotdog dude!!! I got the Superior and it was AMAZING (Italian Beef, Polish Sausage, Meatballs on one bun!) If you want a good hot dog… get a grill

  8. Mann says:

    We’ve been once and it was not good at all, however I did not have the pizza and would be willing to try it because it looked good. I had some sort of sausage on a soggy roll and my wife had the philly cheesesteak sandwich also on a soggy roll (fair enough, don’t go to a Chicago place for a philly sandwich, but they put it on the f-ing menu, not me). I think there may have been an Ore-Ida label left on one of our fries that left an awful lot be desired. I don’t go to restaurants for the ambiance so I don’t give a shit about the stuff on the walls one way or another, but the way the restaurant is laid out and the order at the front style sucks.

  9. Travis Allen says:

    @Rob…agree with you on just about everything…but this restaurant has been around for several years, albeit not in the current location. They were previously across Hwy 9 up Webb Road where it ends. I’ve tried several things on the menu and can’t come up with a good reason to go again, but you can tell everyone must think it’s new since it’s so busy…let’s give it a year and see how business is.

    @Lee…thanks, guess you figured I’d get here sooner or later and point out that they are in Milton

    @AK…really? move if you don’t like it…I love Boston, MA…but I don’t put that on my address line just because I don’t like Milton…: )

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