Restaurant Review: The Spot

I like to eat unique and creative dishes.  When I go out to eat to fancy restaurants I am always curious to see what the chef comes up with.  To me as a formally untrained cooker of food, the imagination of professional chefs can be very inspiring.

On the other hand I also love regular food prepared well.  There doesn’t have to be anything special or creative about it, I just want it to be prepared with some love and care.  Sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised at how many “local” joints mess this up.  There are many places that strive to be the local place where everybody meets up, and while trying to create the atmosphere they totally neglect why people come there in the first place.  The Food!

Lee, who champions the Roots in Alpharetta Blog, has a list of some of his favorite burger joints in the North Fulton area.  Being somewhat new to the area (less than 2 years) I thought I’d start working down his list.  This is where I found out about The Spot.

If I hadn’t done a little research I’m confident that I may never have found this place.  It’s located just off of Highway 9 behind the Red’s liquor store.  Walking into The Spot feel like you are walking into a small town diner.  The space is set up with a galley style kitchen that is very much open to the 10-15 tables and 4-6 counter seats.  I’m really digging the feel of this place.  It seems much more genuine than other local places.

Here is the poster of their sliders eating challenge winners. I think I could put up a good showing in this competition.

The staff there who all cook, clean, wait, and run the cash register are really friendly and genuine.  There is quite a decent selection of burgers and sandwiches along with sides of onion rings and fresh cut french fries.  I decided to order the Frank-n-burger because the name reminded me of Warren from Something About Mary.  It’s a cheeseburger topped with a butterflied hot dog with more cheese on top between two thick slices of toast.  And as a combo (side and a drink) it only set me back $8.12 (including the tax)!  Great prices for everything on the menu.

Some fresh cut potatoes ready for the fryer.

Watching my Frank-n-burger being made. I like watching.

FrAnK and BurGer!!!11!!

The burger wasnt the most fantastic thing I’ve ever had, but it was prepared fresh and right in front of me and I did like it a good bit.  The onion rings were frozen.  I was hoping for some homemade rings because I saw the fresh cut fries, but no dice.  Next time I’ll get the fries.  I am really looking forward to getting back there and trying a few more of the burgers like the Bayou Burger (spicy), and the MBH (mushrooms, bacon, and swiss).

The Spot, to me, has all the makings of that small eatery you go to have a pleasant meal and friendly conversation.  While there I couldn’t help but notice how the patrons (who’d obviously eaten there before) interacted with the staff.  It seemed like a great family environment.  So here’s how I score it.  Food is good, not groundbreaking or inventive.  Just prepared with love and care.  Service and cleanliness is very good!  The staff, like I said earlier, is genuine and very nice.  The restaurant is also kept very clean.  I will go back there anytime, and you should too!
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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: The Spot

  1. Larkemon says:

    Good review. They make a really good bagel breakfast sandwich as well. Bagels aren’t too hard and chewy so they make the perfect platform for the freshly prepared eggs. I’ve had the Bayou Burger. I didn’t think it was too spicy and it’s a bit messy (in a good way), but in the definitely tasty!

  2. John says:

    I like the look of that burger. Might add bacon, of course.

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