Restaurant Review: Highland Bakery

My last review of the Highland Bakery focused on their fantastic breakfast offereings.  As you will recall, the service was slow, but the dishes were terrific.  So if you dont mind slow service and a wait to get in, this place is worth your time.

In addition to the table service meal offering, Highland Bakery is actually and honest to God bakery!  Entering the building you will see three displays of cupcakes, muffins, and other pastries.  They look beautiful and can be hard to resist!  After eating my breakfast of ricotta pancakes, I thought it would be a good idea to get some of these cupcakes to bring home for a taste test.

There were about a dozen different cupcake varieties, and most were offered in two sizes, regular and mini.  Wonderfull!  The mini cupcakes would allow me to try most of them without a) getting a huge tummy ache, and b) blowing all of the money I have.  So I got ten different mini cupcakes; chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, oreo, lemon, carrot cake, german chocolate, red velvet, boston cream, strawberry, and coconut.

My brother and sister-in-law were in town, so with them, Laura, and myself we had four people to taste 10 different min cupcakes.  So we decided to have a draft in order to pick who got which cupcakes.  The order was Laura, Christiane, Me, the Richard.  This was a lot of fun.  The tasting that ensued was pretty revealing.

The LOOK really good.....

As a whole we all agreed the cake parts of these cupcakes were lackluster.  Maybe it’s because they were miniature, but that isnt much of an excuse.  They are a bakery and should be able to make a soft, moist mini cupcake.  The frosting was a little hit and miss.  The cream cheese frostings were really good.  But the buttercream frosting were not that great.  They lacked sweetness and were a little tough like they whipped them too much.  Whatever the reason is, the cupcakes were somewhat disappointing.  Our favorites from the session were the Lemon, Red Velvet, and Carot Cake.

I’m not sure if the poor showing by highland bakery is a fluke or not.  But if I put on my detective hat I would have observed that there were very few people making bakery purchases.  With easily over a hundred people in the restaurant and milling around outside, there should have been at least a few people hitting up the bakery.  But I didnt wait in any sort of line, go figure.

In summary, Highland Bakery should really change their name to Highland Breakfast.  The bakery, at least for cupcakes, is blah.  But the breakfast is superb!


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