Restaurant Review: Eclipse Di Luna

Next to Perimeter Mall is a shopping center that has several restaurants including Alon’s Bakery, McKendricks Steakhouse, and Twisted Taco.  One of the most popular places in the center, however, is Eclipse Di Luna.

Nightly this place is packed with people looking for good drinks, good food, and a cool scene.  Eclipse Di Luna is a tapas restaurant, so it obviously has a distinct latin tilt.  The drink menu has mojitos, margaritas, and sangria.  The dinner menu is packed with delicious selections like duck empanadas, chorizo hamburgers, fried green beans, and more.

The duck empanadas are really fantastic!  What separates these empanadas from the rest is the flakey, buttery crust that is so well prepared.  The generous helping of meat and cheese inside of the crust is well seasoned while retaining that great duck flavor!  One of Laura and my favorite tapas plates is the fried goat cheese balls.  Forgive me for not remembering the spanish name for them.  These are ping-pong ball sized orbs of creamy fried goodness.  Topped with a sweet honey and paired with some super soft carmelized onions, these balls are blazin’ awesome!

The last time we went with friends, they recommended getting the Paella.  Paella is a spanish dish that is very reminiscent of a seafood risotto.  Soft and somewhat sticky rice is cooked with a medley of seafood like mussels, shrimp, and calamari.  This plate takes about 25-30 minutes to prepare, so order it first!  Also, at Eclipse Di Luna, the Paella comes out in a Paella dish which is about the size of a frisbee.  I wouldn’t consider this a small plate.  There is plenty of this dish for 4 people.

Be warned; if you are planning on going here Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night and you dont have a reservation, the wait could be a while.  So be smart, make an open table reservation.  Also, at these times parking in the shopping center can be difficult because much of the parking lot is closed for valet.  My recomendation is to scan for a parking spot, if you dont find one, go valet.  It’s complementary, so you are only obligated for tip.  If you feel obligated for that at all (most people do).

Along with Sip, Eclipse Di Luna is one of my favorite tapas places in the city!  I’ve never had a bad experience service or food wise.  It’s a great place for a date, and after 9 on the weekends they have live music.  Put Eclipse Di Luna on your list of places to go, you’ll thank me some day.
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One Response to Restaurant Review: Eclipse Di Luna

  1. John says:

    I think you guys took us to this place. It was good. I remember I asked if they had Sierra Nevada beer and they said yes. I asked what type and the waitress didn’t know. David saved the day by asking if it had a green label. It did. One pale ale for me.

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