Cupcake Review of the Atlanta Cupcake Factory

When I get deep inside the perimeter I have to be smart about what I do.  Going in for one stop wouldn’t be smart.  So last time I was downtown to eat at Murphy’s afterwards we drove south on North Highland to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory.

What was funny was after we ate our brunch at Murphy’s the waitress asked us if we wanted any dessert.  Is it ok to lie?  Regardless, we lied to her and told her we were full.  I guess we could have said, “Yeah, we want dessert!  But not from you!  CHECK!!!!!”

So we took the polite way out, respectfully declined, then drove the few blocks to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory.  Laura was the one to do the leg work on this place.  She found it and figured out what their specialty was.  Parking, like many places downtown, was a mess, but we were able to find a spot next to Mannuels.

The shop is very small inside.  Really only room for a display case of cupcakes and a single file waiting line.  Luckily there were only two people ahead of us.  The selection of cupcakes was comparable to most other bakeries.  There were about a dozen different cupcakes.  Laura and I, having each ate a pretty decent sized brunch, decided to get only one each.

I have a tough time picking against chocolate peanut butter, so I got that one.  Laura got the sugar cookie with salted carmel.  The size of these treats were actually normal sized cupcakes.  These are the size cupcakes that you make in the normal muffin tins at home.  I estimate they are about 75% of the cake size of other places like Jilly’s, Crumbs, and Kelly Kakes.  And the frosting is about half as much as the competition.

Chocolate peanut butter cupcake with a sugar cookie cupcake. Both were terrific!

Regardless of the diminished size, the proportion of cake to frosting was very nice!  Laura and I both appreciated the manageable sizes, such that we didn’t have to eat these with a fork.  The chocolate peanut butter cupcake was very nice.  The frosting was very light with a great peanut butter flavor.  The tricky part with this type of frosting is managing the richness of the peanut butter.  Atlanta Cupcake Factory does a great job with this.  The cake part was much different than any place in Atlanta.  It tastes very homemade.  It wasn’t like a corporate type cake.  The texture was finer and a little dryer than the standard cupcake.  I really liked it.

The sugar cookie with slated carmel cupcake looked just as good as it tasted.  The cake had a similar, but more moist, texture as the chocolate peanut butter.  The frosting was a thin layer of butter cream with a carmel drizzle on top.  Everything with this cupcake worked!  It was a real treat, so to speak.

The lady running the store told us that they make all of the cupcakes each morning starting at 5 in the morning.  You can tell they put a lot of care into the taste and presentation of their products.  I put the Atlanta Cupcake Factory toward the top of my list of cupcakes places in Altanta.  I love their frosting, portions, and the cake is very unique and delicious.  If you are in the the Highlands area, swing by the Atlanta Cupcake Factory and pick up a few for you and your family.  You wont be sorry you did!

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