Update – Restaurant Review: Nahm Thai Cuisine

Laura and I went back to Nahm Thai Cuisine the other day because we were craving their coconut soup.  As you might remember in my last review, their coconut soup is the best I have had in town.  During this visit I decided to branch out past my favorite green curry dish and try something new.

For appetizers we had the coconut soup along with a trio sampler appetizer.  The trio consisted of calamari, pork spare ribs, and fried wontons with crab and shrimp (I think that’s what they were).  The calamari was really good, and very meaty.  Many places serve calamari that could be confused with fried chips, no squid!  Nahm had some beefy pieces.  There was a delicious sweet sauce on the calamari, I just wish there was more of it.  The short ribs were nice, but nothing too memorable.  The fired wonton things were really good!  There wasnt much as far as stuffing goes.  It was more of a soft fried chip.  But that combined with the sweet and spicy sauce was a dynamite combination!

Banging coconut soup. They should sell this by the gallon, nay, ten gallon.

Tasty trio of appetizers

For entrees Laura got the pad thai (her staple dish at Thai restaurants).  She liked the dish a lot but will tell you her favorite pad thai in the area is at Lime Juice Bistro.  This time I got the beef short ribs in massaman curry.  Massaman curry is a thicker creamier red colored curry that has a sweeter flavor.  Often it is served with potatoes, nuts such as cashews, and avocado.  My first bite of the short ribs in the sauce was like an epiphany of flavor!  It was so good!  The short ribs were incredibly tender (as they should be) and seemed to just melt with the curry and rice.  I will be getting this dish again.  Might be a new favorite.

Pad thai looking all nice and fancy!

It looks so good it was hard to mess up with my fork. But I got past that really fast. SHort Ribs in Massaman Curry are fabulous!

So to let everybody know, Nahm is still kicking ass and whipping out some great food!

Nahm Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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5 Responses to Update – Restaurant Review: Nahm Thai Cuisine

  1. John says:

    It is hard to beat a good curry!

  2. ABC says:

    Every time I drive by Nahm I half expect it to be closed. Went once right after moving here 5 years ago, but the place was so empty I didn’t think they’d last this long. I did like the food, so I’ll have to go back for lunch sometime. Thanks for the review!

  3. Greg says:

    Have you ever been to Thai Star? I wondered how this compares.

    • I havent been to Thai Star. But if you compare this place with Thai Spice (several locations in the atlanta area) I would have to give the edge food wise to Nahm, and price to Thai spice. I estimate Nahm to cost about 10% more than the average Thai food.

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