Restaurant Review: Holeman and Finch

Most of my friends that live inside of I-285 have told me over and over about this place called Holeman and Finch.  And from everything I read online before I went was good.  Reviews preached how popular the place was and how waits could be up to if not longer than an hour for late(r) night dining.

The other night I had the opportunity to hit up this place with a good friend for a late night dinner (9:30ish).  We got to the small restaurant around 8:45, had a couple drinks at the (very crowded) bar and were eventually seated around 9:45.  If you are trying to grab a quick bite to eat, dont come here.  But if you are prepared to wait, have a drink, enjoy a conversation, this is a cool place to go.

Once seated we decided to put it an order for their famous hamburger, which they start serving at 10 pm everyday except Sunday (on which they serve it all day).  Little did we know, everybody in the restaurant and waiting at the bar had already put in for hamburgers, so we were told they had run out.  Oh well, we didn’t get too bent out of shape.  The menu is quite extensive so it was easy finding things to fill the void.

Holeman and Finch is considered a gastropub, but if it helps you to qualify that, think of it more like a tapas place.  We ordered 6 small plates, and all were really good.  First, we had the lamb ribs, not to be confused with racks of lamb.  They lacked the delicious meat ball on the end of the rack of lamb, but were still very good.  I would have preferred more meat though.

Next we had the collar of bass.  What the hell is a bass collar?  If you fold your hand into your armpit, go ahead, do it!  That is your bass fin.  Now the collar is the section of meat between your fin and the side of your body.  Got it??  This section of the fish is usually chucked out when cutting filets.  Ok, so this cut is much bigger than the lamb ribs, and tasted wonderful!  It was seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon.  Great flavor!!

Another nice dish is the pork belly with grits.  Creamy grits, chuncks of pork belly with a crispy crust, and a plentiful garnish of sun chokes.  Sun chokes are the roots of a particular type of sunflower and they have a sweet and acidic flavor.  This really helped cut the richness of the grits and pork belly.  A wonderfully unexpected surprise.

The spaghetti carbonara with prosciutto and quail egg was terrific.  If you haven’t had carbonara, its a very hearty pasta dish cooked with egg, bacon and cream.  Healthy?  No sir.  Addicting?  Damn right.  The prosciutto and quail egg were a nice high end touch that made this dish special.  I really reccommend this!

Finally, we ordered the hot dog.  Since we couldnt get the hamburger, why not go for the next best thing.  The hot dog is served with grilled onions (a favorite of mine) and yellow mustard.  First off, the bun for this hot dog is amazing!! It is homemade, super soft, and goes perfectly with the all beef dog.  The dog, like I said, is all beef and simply melts in your mouth.  The casing was so thin and offered no resistance when eating.  I asked about the casing because it was so good.  Our waitress told us it was a vegetable casing, not intestine.  Whatever it was, it was great!  Make sure you get the hot dog!!

Overall I had a very positive experience at Holeman and Finch.  The worst part is the crowdedness, but I can forgive it.  It’s very popular!  I cant wait to get back there and try the hamburger.  Holeman and Finch, a great reason to get all up in that perimeter!!
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