San Francisco Eating: Honey Honey

Our first day in San Francisco was action packed!  Clearly we needed plenty of energy to get through the day.  So for breakfast we went to a place that specializes in crepes called, Honey Honey.

Luckily for us, to get here from our hotel we had to walk DOWN Nob Hill and not up it.  Honey Honey has a great location just a few blocks away from Union Square.  Very easy to get to.  The menu is hung on the wall for all to see.  There are tons of things you can order, and we were sure to get at least one crepe dish.

Picky eaters should find something they like at Honey Honey.

Ordering at the counter we got the smoked salmon benedict and crab cake crepes (Half Moon Bay on the menu).  All together, with a coffee, the bill was about $22.  I thought that was a great deal!  The food came out pretty quickly and looked beautiful.  Appearance has a great impact on perceived taste.  Served with both dishes was a heaping order of roasted potatoes.  Nothing novel by any means, but very well executed.  They had a good amount of parsley imparting a nice peppery taste, and they were not greasy making them easy to digest.

The smoked salmon benedict was very nice!  The poached egg and english muffin were ordinary, tasting like any other poached egg and muffin.  But the smoked salmon had a much more pronounced smokey flavor.  It was very good!

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

The crab cake crepe was also delicious!  The crepe itself was soft and doughy, just like I like.  It was filled with melty cheese, tomatoes, and two substantial crab cakes.  I loved it!  The melty cheese was awesome!

Half Moon Bay (aka crab cake crepe)

Each time we walked by Honey Honey there were hardly any people in there.  I thought, with it’s great location and nice menu, it would be more crowded.  I recommend this place if you want a quick, tastey, inexpensive meal for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.
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2 Responses to San Francisco Eating: Honey Honey

  1. John says:

    That half moon bay looks really good. Was it a meaty crab cake? Sometimes they get a lot of stuffing mixed in.

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