San Francisco Eating: Okoze Sushi

Tucked in the Russian Hills district is a small sushi restaurant called Okoze Sushi.  While we were in San Francisco we thought it would be wise to eat a good amount of seafood.  The proximity of the city to the ocean led us to believe it would be quite fresh.  We were not disappointed!

Getting into this restaurant was super easy.  Since we ate around 6pm (9pm eastern time) there was no wait.  I can’t speak to how crowded this place may get, but I think because of the quality of sushi, and size of seating area, it might get pretty busy.

We started our meal with an order of salmon and tuna nigiri.  Both servings had thick pieces of fish that tasted very fresh!  It Atlanta there are only a handful of places that give you as thick a piece of nigiri as Okoze.  Very good.  Also, there was a slightly noticeable taste of wasabi in the sushi rice.  It was enough to give you the flavor, but very little of the heat.  A nice touch, if you ask me.

Delicious nigiri

We got three different rolls to split, all of which were very good.  I cant remember the names of each of the rolls, and their menu isn’t posted online, so I’ll just have to describe them for you.  And if you ever go, pull up the pictures and show your waiter or waitress.  They should be able to help you.  The spicy tuna roll (I know the name of that one) was really good.  A little more spicy than we are use to, but very good!  I like how they presented it too!  The second roll was topped with selections of salmon, and tuna, and filled with more fish and shrimp tempura.  The whole combo melted in our mouths! Finally, our favorite of the rolls was topped with fat pieces of salmon and lemon slices then then filled with some type of fish and asparagus tempura.  It was money!!

Spicy Tuna Roll

Cant remember the name of this, but it was great.

Our favorite of the rolls.

Our experience at Okoze was very positive, and we give it a high recommendation.  Granted it was the only sushi place we tried in the city, but we hit a home run.  The staff was friendly and the food was terrific.  Maybe a little pricey, but well worth it.
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3 Responses to San Francisco Eating: Okoze Sushi

  1. John says:

    that last one looks pretty good. Somebody had to be good with a knife to get the lemon slices that thin.

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