Trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley (day 2)

The second day of our trip we weren’t so lucky with the rain in the morning.  A light drizzle filled the sky, but it wasn’t anything that soaked your clothes.  Just enough precipitation to make you pull out your umbrella.  Since it was Saturday, the farmers market was set up.  There were probably 75 pop-up tents with vendors selling everything from flowers, to coffees, breakfast sandwiches, to fish, to cheeses.  You get the picture.  If we had a kitchen there and were staying a few days, we could have spent a good amount of money.  Instead we tried some of the food like these korean pork tacos.  You will notice they lack the key ingredient to a taco, tortilla or shell.  These used seaweed as the vehicle for the filling, and it turned out really good!

Wonderfully creative Korean pork tacos.

A damp morning in San Francisco. This was our view of the Bay Bridge from the Farmers Market (not a black and white picture!).

Tulips for sale at the Farmer's Market. There were tulips in bloom everywhere in central California.

I should have gotten one of these things of smoked salmon. Served with cream cheese and sourdough bread, they looked amazing!

If you are going to sell organic, farm fresh produce and you want credibility; you better have a beard. This gentleman has credibility.

We ate an early lunch at Gott’s Roadside inside of the Ferry Building which was very filling and good (review to come).  Before our tour of Alcatraz at 3:30 we walk around the coastline up to Fisherman’s Wharff.  While at the Wharff we saw all the tourist trap shops and the sea lions.  There are about 50 sea lions just laying around on some floating docks.  About 8 of them wouldn’t stop barking at one another reaffirming my belief that sea lions are stupid animals.  But I took about 20 pictures of them, so who is the real dummy?

They are big dumb animals, folks.

Some trolly cars waiting to take lazy people up the hill. For 5 bucks a ride, I can walk.

For our audio tour of Alcatraz we had to take a 15 minute ferry ride to the island.  Once on the Rock we got our headphones and learned all about how the inmates of Alcatraz were a rowdy and raucous group.  To me I thought the people of San Francisco must have been thrilled to have all the hardest criminals just off the coast of the city.  But the escape rate was 0%, so I guess they should just quit their whining.  All in all, it was a very informative and interesting tour.  Glad we did it.

Welcome to the Rock! This is where Stanley Godspeed saved the city of San Francisco from a deadly attack of CX Nerve Gas.

Cell Block C in Alcatraz

The lighthouse on Alcatraz with the city in the background. A great view of the city skyline.

For dinner we went to Tony’s Pizza Napolentana and were very lucky not to wait in line because when we left there was quite a wait.  The pizza and beer were fantastic, but you’ll learn more about that in a future post.

After dinner we walked all the way up Nob Hill, through Chinatown to our hotel.  But along the way, I had to stop in a package store and pick up a bottle of Pliny the Elder from the Russian River Brewery.  You can t get this beer in Atlanta which is a shame.  It was very good!  And as someone who loves IPA’s, it was a great beer for me!

Dont judge a beer by it's label. Pliny the Elder may look like a cheap beer, but it tastes amazing!

This was our last day in San Francisco.  The second half of our trip would be spent in Napa Valley learning about and drinking fine wines and eating like royalty!


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2 Responses to Trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley (day 2)

  1. John says:

    I really like that photo of the bridge. I am sure there is some reason that the beer is named after Pliny the Elder, but it escapes me now. Tough to beat a good IPA.

    • I think on the Russian River Brewery website they give an explanation for the names of their beers. But you could call it “Shit in a Bottle” and it would still be delicious!

      The scene by the bridge was really cool while we were at the farmers market! It’s cool when you can get a lot of mood from your shots straight out of the camera.

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