San Francisco Eating: Gott’s Roadside

The original Gott’s Roadside restaurant can be found in the beautiful town of St. Helena in the Napa Valley.  One of it’s few franchises is located in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  Inside the Ferry Building are many small shops and eateries making it a great place to walk around and spend a few hours.

Laura heard about Gott’s from some of our good friends who were in San Francisco the year before us.  They told us about how their burgers were very good and creative.  After checking out their website, I knew we had to go there!

On their menu are several different types of burgers and sandwiches.  We chose to get the Wisconsin Burger and the Ahi Tuna Burger.  Why did we get the Wisconsin burger when we were in San Francisco?  That’s not really eating local is it?  Well, the bun for the burger was two pieces of sourdough bread, which is a San Francisco specialty.  Also with the Wisconsin burger was melty cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce.  It was super good! Very happy with our choice.

Awesome cross-section of a Wisconsin Burger from Gott's Roadside.

The ahi tuna burger, for Laura and me, was a no-brainer.  We love rare ahi tuna!  Served on a soft potato bun, the ahi burger comes topped with a surprising cole slaw.  I say it’s surprising because I was expecting a sweet, citrus-based coleslaw that I thought would go nicely with the fish.  But what we got was a bitter, wasabi flavored coleslaw that really paired well with the rare tuna.  We both liked it a great deal!  Not disappointed at all!

Check out that fat, rare hunk of ahi tuna!

We also got an order of sweet potato fries that were spectacular.  Too bad (not really) our burgers were so big we couldn’t finish them all.  And to wash these bad boys down I got a Lagunitas IPA from the tap.  Good choice, Robert!

Sweet potato fries

Super good looking person with a delicious glass of beer.

Gotts Roadside, whether you go in San Francisco or St. Helena, is worth a visit.  Well flavored, fresh burgers served with great toppings and terrific beer is a winning combination no matter where you go.  When I make it back to the area, I will definitely make it back to Gott’s.
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2 Responses to San Francisco Eating: Gott’s Roadside

  1. John says:

    I like the thought of the Wisconsin burger. Also thinking we have to try a nice sour dough for burgers here, thick sliced and grilled. I think mom would go for that.

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