San Francisco Eating: Tony’s Pizza Napolentana

After our tour of Alcatraz we were ready to eat.  We had spent the whole day walking around and were running low on energy.  The tough part of this situation was finding a place that we really wanted to eat at.  So Laura, being an expert traveler, pulled out her phone and fired up the Yelp! app.  This app is awesome, especially when you are traveling!

She found a pizza place called Tony’s Pizza Napolentana that had received fantastic reviews and had great pictures.  Plus, it was close to where we were!  the walk from Pier 33 to Tony’s was quick and easy.  When we got to the door we saw that the place was already packed with people!  And this was at 6pm!  The eating area was small so we thought we might have to wait.  But we got lucky and were immediately seated in a spacious booth!  Awesome!

Fun looking bar scene.

Right next to us was the bar where people were eating, drinking, talking, and watching some March Madness.  There was a great vibe in the place.  The menu is quite large having several different styles of pizza.  Brick oven, Sicilian, thin crust, and more!  I can’t remember them all.  We asked our waitress to explain the different styles and she did an incredible job.  She went through each style telling us about the dough and how it was prepared.  She went on to elaborate about sizes and how much she recommend we order.  It was a perfect explanation, and we had ZERO follow up questions.  So we ordered the Colombo Sicilian style pizza.  It came topped with pepperoni, italian sausage, garlic, and oregano.  I also ordered a 21st Amendment IPA.

They quickly brought bread to the table with three types of olive oil.  Well actually I bet its the same olive oil for all three, but one section had garlic, another red pepper, and the third was just straight up olive oil.  This was a great idea, and simple, that I will use for dinner parties.  They also brought me my beer in a large glass.  Large glass = large beer.

Great table bread.

Our pizza soon arrived and it was looking delicious!  But before we could dig in, another waitress came with another beer.  She said, “21st Amendment IPA?”  I replied, “I’ve already received mine.  Maybe it’s for another table?”  She looked at the ticket and came back with, “Nope, for your table.  Guess the bar doubled poured.  Here’s another beer.  Hope you like it!”  WOO HOO  Free Beer!!!!  Could we (me) get any luckier?!?!?!

Twice the beer means twice the happy!

Ok back to the pizza.  The thick sicilian crust was very soft and buttery.  There was a nice crisp to the edges, but not too crispy to cut the top of your mouth.  The flavor of the toppings was so good!!!  Best Sicilian style pizza I, or Laura, had ever eaten.

I'm salivating just writing about this pizza. Two Thumbs Up!

We couldn’t finish the whole pie by ourselves so we took the rest to go.  They boxed it up in a Ed Hardy designed box.  Normally I would be embarassed carrying anything Ed Hardy around, but the contents of the box were so tasty I didn’t care.  As we walked the mile and half back to the hotel, I dipped into the left overs and ate a couple more pieces.  I couldn’t resist!!

Kind of a douchey box, but remember, it's what's inside that counts. Especially when it comes to pizza boxes.

Take my word for it, Tony’s Pizza Napolentana is fabulous!  Tony won the recognition in 2008 as the world’s best margarita pizza.  It’s clear that Tony knows what he’s doing.  The service is amazing and the food is even better!  The price is also a great value!  Laura and I ate and drank for under 40 bucks.  This was my favorite meal we had in San Francisco, and we had several.  Dont miss Tony’s!!!
Tony's Pizza Napoletana on Urbanspoon


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2 Responses to San Francisco Eating: Tony’s Pizza Napolentana

  1. John says:

    You guys really did get a lot of touring in! That pizza looks great. Its nice to have a wait staf that is knowledgeable and friendly!

  2. Rich says:

    So by your logic, The Situation and Snooki should be judged by the content of their character and not by theur Ed Hardy clothing … but I’m not sure we’d come to a different result

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