Eating in Napa: C-Casa

The Oxbow Market in the city of Napa is a very cool building that houses an eclectic group of eateries and shops.  There is a small produce grocery, a coffee shop, deli, and several counter service restaurants.  When I say counter service, I’m not talking McDonald’s or even the classier Jack-in-the-Box.  I’m talking about upscale food that you normally get at a nice restaurant being served from a counter.

One of the establishments is C-Casa where they dish out about a dozen different tacos.  Each taco will run you about 6 bucks, but they all sounded great and we were on vacation, so what the hell!  Laura ordered a steak, excuse me, I mean a carne asada taco and a lamb taco.  While I ordered the prawn taco and the barbecue pork taco.

C-Casa taco stand. They sell more than tacos. The nachos looked pretty good, fyi.

When we got our orders our first impression was, “Wow! There is a lot of color!”  I really like seeing my food have a decent amount of color.  It makes it much more appealing that a visually bland dish.  As you can tell from the pictures, the amount of filling nearly barely fit inside the tortilla.  Once we got a grip on how to hold these bastards, we tore into them which much delight!

Carne Asada taco in front with the lamb taco behind.

Our three favorites were the carne asada, lamb, and prawn.  Each of them had tender pieces of meat of fish and a great accompaniment of coleslaws or vegetables.  I liked the lamb especially because of the goat cheese crumbles.  They melted in your mouth, and everybody knows lamb and goat cheese are a match made in heaven.  Unfortunately the barbecue pork taco didn’t live up to my high expectations.  I was expecting some tender stands of pork and a spicy sauce.  What I got was burnt meat with little flavor.  Oh well, we were 75% with our orders.

Delicious prawn taco on the left. Lackluster barbecue pork taco on the right. Both look good though!!

Next time we are back in the Oxbow Market I think we will try some place else.  But that is more a function of there being several other places I want to try more than C-Casa not fully meeting my expectations.
C CASA An Innovative Taqueria on Urbanspoon


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2 Responses to Eating in Napa: C-Casa

  1. John says:

    Those are expensive tacos, but what the heck. They look pretty good.

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