Eating in Napa: Redd

Along the main road in Yountville, just north of Napa on highway 29 there are a dozen fantastic restaurants.  Each one is within walking distance of the other giving the feel of a cutesy epicurean strip mall.  There you fill some Thomas Keller establishments like Ad Hoc and Bouchon.  And tucked in neatly with some of the more famous places is a cool restaurant called Redd.

Laura heard about Redd from a coworker who touted it as the best meal they had in the Napa Valley.  So for the next few months as we were planning our trip, Redd was constantly on our radar.  We had a later reservation (8:30pm is late for us) and were seated at a nice corner table.  The dining area is somewhat dark, but overall pretty nice.

Like everywhere else in the California wine country, Redd had an elaborate wine menu where you could find pretty much anything you wanted.  And the dinner menu was also very impressive.  There were many different types of proteins to pick from which made choosing just one even more difficult.  The descriptions of the appetizers and entrees painted gorgeous pictures in our minds!

In order to not go bankrupt and still try as much as possible, we decided to split a couple appetizers and an entree.  Of course we paired these dishes with wine, but I forget the varieties.  Sorry.  Our first dish was the lobster risotto.  The risotto was perfectly cooked with sizeable portions of lobster incorporated.  But the most interesting thing about the dish was the strong presence of meyer lemon.  Lemon and lobster go very well together, and when incorporated with the risotto, the combo was amazing!  Highly recommend this dish!

OMG need some of this lobster risotto.

Second we got the glazed pork belly.  Here is how the menu describes it. “Glazed pork belly, apple purée, burdock, soy caramel”  Take that in for a minute.  We know that apple and pork go insanely well together.  But apple and pork belly are like two crazy lovers!  The pork belly simply melted in our mouths.  And the beautiful apple puree complimented every sensation.  This might have been the favorite thing I ate all trip!

When Laura asks me what kind of birthday cake I want, Im going to say "Pork Belly".

Finally, we split the New York steak and short ribs.  Short ribs are quickly climbing my list of favorite foods, and this plate did a lot in it’s favor.  Accompanying the steak and short ribs were potatoes and a bacon and onion ragout.  To me, this was the definition of a complete meal.  First of all it had steak and potatoes.  But more than that, the jus, vegetables, and ragout complimented each other so well.  It was a real treat!

Im pretty impressed with myself how good this picture came out. I had to snap it quick because it didnt last too long.

Laura and I were so pleased with our dining experience at Redd.  The food by far exceed our expectations.  It was a memorable meal!
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  1. John says:

    Steak and short ribs. That sounds pretty cool.

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