Eating in Napa: The Bounty Hunter

When Laura and I trip plan, we start with where we want to eat.  And while planning our trip to Napa, Laura found this barbecue restaurant that had received some great online reviews.  Normally I wouldn’t go to someplace like California and get barbecue because I’m pretty sure they cant do it like we do it in the south.  But what made this place interesting was their use of wine pairings with all their dishes.  I loved the idea, so we decided to check it out.

The Bounty Hunter (awesome name btw) is stationed right along the Napa River and when you walk in you will realize it’s a popular place.  The ambiance is similar to hunting lodge with splendid displays of taxedermy all over the walls.  If you like stuffed animals, kiddos, you will like this place!  We had a 30 minute wait to be seated which was no big deal.  There is the option of going to the bar, which was also crowded, or walking around the town.  We chose the latter.

Unassuming storefront.

Seating at the Bounty Hunter is a mixture of hightop tables, and community style dining.  That is, odds are you will be eating with people you don’t know.  I’m a pretty outgoing guy, I can talk to strangers, but I much prefer regular seating.  It’s tough to have a conversation when strangers are right across the table.

The first thing we ordered was the cheese plate that came with a couple different hard and soft cheeses as well as a jam and some nuts.  We paired that with a flight of their sweet wines (per their recommendation).  Everything was delicious!  I liked trying the different wines, and Laura for sure liked them as well.  She loves the sweeter quaffs.  The cheese and nuts went very well with the wine pairings!

Delicious plate of cheeses. There was very low light in the restaurant, so sorry about blurry picture.

Flight of three sweet wines. Nice colors for sure!

Normally we like to order different entrees and split so we can try as much as possible, but they were running a BBQ sampler special that night.  We couldn’t pass on it.  It came with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, a side, and bread.  Laura got the cole slaw, I got potato salad.  I love the hell out some potato salad.

Tearing into our plates we quickly discovered that the ribs were our favorite.  They were insanely tender and full of delicious porky flavor.  The brisket was our next favorite.  We were served a combo of sliced and chopped.  I, of course being from the Mecca of brisket, preferred the sliced.  Laura, being a BBQ n00b, liked the chopped.  Either way, we were both happy.  THe pulled pork was also good, but there wasn’t anything incredible about it.

Barbecue sampler plate. More than enough food for a single person. Very good!

All things considered, our experience at the Bounty Hunter was very good!  THe food, wine and service were all above expectations.  THe only thing I would change is the communal eating (or shall I say, feeding) tables.  Not a huge fan of those.  No offense, strangers.
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2 Responses to Eating in Napa: The Bounty Hunter

  1. John says:

    I’m sorry, Rob, but that delicious plate of barbecue just doesn’t look right. Who ever heard of putting barbecue on top of your potato salad? These guys just don’t how to plate barbecue.

    • Nice observation, but let me make a correction. The barbecue was plated on the coleslaw, not the potato salad. The potato salad came in a nice large bowl. Personally, I liked the plating on the cloeslaw. It looked nice.

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