Restaurant Review: The Brickstore Pub

The list of restaurants I need to hit has had a leader for quite some time now.  But last weekend that all ended as I attended the Brickstore Pub with my brother and parents who were visiting from Houston.

The Birckstore is pretty much accepted as the best place in the greater Atlanta to get hard to find craft beers.  Honestly, other than their beer selection, and my Mom raving about their fish and chips, I didn’t know a lot about the place.

Walking into the downtown Decatur establishment, my first thoughts were how the place was lit up nicely with natural light.  The dark walls looked really cool by the skylights.  The food menu is not super exciting.  There are sandwiches and other classical pub foods.  Nothing is expensive which is nice because what you really want to do is spend your hard earned dollars on beer.

Cool looking bar in the middle of the Brickstore

Let’s get the food talk out of the way.  I got the roast beef sandwich.  Not special, prolly should have ordered something different.  I really could have made the sandwich myself.  My brother got the rueben sandwich.  I tried a bite and it was much better than the roast beef sandwich.  My dad got the bratwurst.  He said it was good, but the sauerkraut seemed to dry out probably because of all the juices going into the bun.  Finally, my mom got the fish and chips, which as I mention before, she loved!

Roast Beef Sandwich

Rueben Sandwich


Fish and Chips

Ok, as for beers, I tried the Wells Brombardier.  It was a delicious english style ale.  I really loved it.  And the price was reasonable for the draft (something like 5 bucks). I was going to write about more of the beers we tried but I cant remember their names.  Like I said, they had a lot of hard to find beers.  Some of which I have never heard of before.  An interesting aspect of the beer service was that each beer we tried came in a different glass.  Tall fluted galls, pint glass, and even a mason jar.  Everything was very interesting.


Our trip to the Brickstore Pub was a great success.  Unfortunately for me, it is a long way to journey for a couple beers in order to just go back home.  And the food is just allright.  Nothing was remarkable.  If I lived near the joint, I could definitely see myself going there on a nice (or any) afternoon, enjoying three or four new beers, and having a relaxing afternoon.  The vibe and beer is what I, and you should, go for.
Brick Store Pub on Urbanspoon


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One Response to Restaurant Review: The Brickstore Pub

  1. John says:

    Definitely a great beer selection. I agree with you on the food. Exceptionally mediocre. I also agree that if the food were outstanding, it might be worth the long trip from Alpharetta.

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