Trip to San Francisco and Napa: Day 5

It was our final day in California and since Laura was smart, she booked us on the red eye that night.  This gave us the full day in Napa to do even more eating, and do even more drinking, ahem, i mean tasting.

Our morning started off with a breakfast at the Model Bakery (short review to follow).  There is another location of this bakery in St. Helena.  There we go some breakfast sandwiches to create a nice foundation in our tummies.  This was all in preparation for our first activity of the day.  The Del Dotto Cave Tour and Barrel Tasting.

Deep inside the Del Dotto facility.

Del Dotto is a small winery with very little to zero distribution.  How did we hear about them, you might ask?  Tripadvisor.  Love that site!  The tour itself was 40 bucks, and as you will read, well worth the money.  We were greeted with a glass of sauvignon blanc by our personal tour guide, Ed.  He explained to us that the tour we were going on would showcase how the barreling process imparts flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel into the different wines.  For the next 45 minutes we went barrel to barrel in the Del Dotto cave trying wines that hadn’t even been bottled yet.  Understanding the inputs into each particular wine, grape type, how toasted the barrels were, and where the barrels came from gave Laura and I a much better idea of how and why wine tastes the way it does.  On top of that, we got to try 7 or 8 exquisite wines!!  At the end of our tour we were given a sample of the Del Dotto port.  When we paired it with some rich milk chocolate, the port took on a much softer silkier quality that was out of this world delicious.  For my money, this was the best tour we went on all trip!!  You get the most to drink and you learn so much about why wines taste the way they do.  This is a must see winery!!

Unfortunately we couldn't carry on that big ass bottle of wine.

After Del Dotto we zipped over to Yountville to hit up the Bouchon Bakery, again.  There we ate outside in the sun.  We enjoyed another nutter butter as well as an almond scone.  Damn, I wish there was one of these bakeries on my street.  This was a great way to relax in the early afternoon.

A little courtyard in Yountville

Some of the selection from the Bouchon Bakery

Finally, for our final meal in California we went to the famous french restaurant, Bouchon.  This Thomas Keller restaurant epitomizes the cuisine of Napa Valley.  Fine food, fresh and beautiful ingredients, and gorgeous presentations.  It was a fantastic way to conclude our adventure.

The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena

Outside of Bouchon. A fantastic way to say goodbye to Northern California!

To summarize our trip to San Francisco and Napa would be impossible in a single sentence.  It was sensational, informative, tranquil, and memorable.  The sites we saw were awesome, and the dishes we ate were inspiring.  We will for sure be back to the area at some point.  If you are into wonderful food, there is something there for all palates.  We loved it!!


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2 Responses to Trip to San Francisco and Napa: Day 5

  1. John says:

    Cool photo of Bouchon. I like the car scooting by. You must have a steady hand. The restaurant is not blurred.

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