Restaurant Review: Mambo Jambo

Another review for a restaurant on Windward Parkway.  I think I could write for years about all the places on this stretch.  But here comes another one.

Mambo Jambo is a somewhat new cuban style restaurant located in the same shopping center (more like restaurant center) as Nahm, Ichiban, Sushi Nami, the Red Hen, and Xian China Bistro.  A lot to chose from in this square.

The menu at Mambo Jambo is pretty large.  There are a lot things to choose from ranging from quesadillas, to cuban sandwiches, to tacos, and much more.  Price for lunch will set you back anywhere between 10-20 bucks depending on what you get and if you get drink(s) or not.  So for many lunchers this could be a little much.  Dinner will cost two people about 30 to 50 bucks.  Again if you get drinks or appetizers that will affect your range.

For lunch I got the steak sandwich and subbed yucca fries for the chips.  Well I found out that it meant 3 yucca fries.  Not so generous, but they were excellent with the Mambo Jambo mayo sauce.  The steak sandwich is like a cuban but with, yeah you got it, steak.  The bread is really good and the meat is nice and tender.  I really enjoyed it.

Steak sandwich with trio of yucca fries. Everything was delicious!

For dinner I tried the shrimp empanadas and the wild mushroom empanadas.  THe crust was fantastic and dipping sauces nice as well.  Personally I liked the shrimp filled empanadas the best, but both were really good.  For the main course Laura and I split the paella with all kinds of seafood, chicken, and sausage.  There was plenty of food for two people.  And every bit was great!  Our favorite of the seafood were the scallops that were large, sweet, and not gummy.

Empanadas with dipping sauces.

Paella packed with all sorts of goodies!

I have heard from friends that mambo Jambo can get slow with their service and at times can take a while for the food to come out.  We didn’t have those issues, but that is the one complaint I hear.  Overall it was a very positive experience, and we are looking forward to getting back there.
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One Response to Restaurant Review: Mambo Jambo

  1. John says:

    Those shrimp empanadas look pretty darn good. Looks like they are baked. I think I might put that into the list of things to try some day.

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