European Vacation Day 1

So I havent posted anything in a while because I’ve been so busy with work and I’ve been out of the country.  For the last couple weeks, Laura and I were in London and Paris living it up.   We did a week in each city and loved every minute.

I took about a half a bazillion pictures, and I cant wait to share them with everybody.  I wont share them all, because that would get boring, but I’ll pick out some of the best. 

So here are some shots from our first day in London.  We got into the city after flying to Paris then taking the chunnel to England.  It was a long long day of travel, but that didnt stop us from exploring the city right after we checked into our hotel.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza The City right next to the Blackfriar Bridge crossing the Thames.  From there we walked all over the city.  There was so much to see.  On the first day we walked over to Big Ben and up to Covent Gardens.  Along the way we stopped in for delicious pub beer and got some fish and chips.  FYI, fish and chips are over priced (more so than most stuff in London), but you have to at least get them once.  And once is all we did.

As we walked along the Thames, Big Ben suddenly revealed itself.

Big Ben looking all prestigeous and whatnot.

Cliche picture of telephone booth.

We saw tons of the double-decker buses. Never hopped in any. We figured it would be just like riding in any other bus.

Lamb and Flag pub. A cool place with two stories. The best way to name a pub is pick two seeminly different nouns and put them together. For instance.... "Map and Wagon". Voila!!!

One of the many beer taps in the Lamb and Flag pub.

Me enjoying a delicious ale (forgot which one).

Picture of said delicious ale.

Follow the signs and you too can make it to this pub. But there are so many in the city, and most are very similar.

Fish and chips that Laura and I split. The tartar sauce/malt vinegar combo is money.


We got the fish and chips from Rock and Sole Plaice.

Beautiful cupcake! Didnt taste too great, but whatever.


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One Response to European Vacation Day 1

  1. John says:

    Mom and I found that fish and chips from a fish and chips shop were a lot less pricey. You have to admit that real ale is pretty darned good!

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