London Day 2

In our first full day in London, we walked west to see the Tower of London.  On the map this didn’t seem like such a long walk, but there were many detours along the way.  You see, the entire city of London is under construction right now.  You can not stand on a single street corner and not see construction or a sign pointing to construction.  But once at the tower we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The crown jewels were incredible!  As well were the exhibits on armor and weapons.

While at the tower we were witness to a 41 gun (canon) salute to Obama who was visiting at the time.  It was funny to hear all the school kids talk about him with their little accents.

From there we headed over to tour St. Paul’s Cathedral which is massive!  The inside of the cathedral is very reminiscent of St. Peter’s in the Vatican.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but, you will have to trust me it was beautiful.  Before we left, we climbed the 365 feet of stairs to the top of the dome for a spectacular view of the city.  We were so lucky with the weather!

That night we went on a guided pub tour which was a lot of fun.  This wasn’t a pub crawl in the sense of seeing how many pubs you can hit and how many beers you can pour in your stomach.  It was actually a tour of part of the town with stops at a few pubs with interesting stories along the way.  Our favorite pub was “Ye Old Cheshire Cheese” which had about three levels with maybe 6 to 8 rooms and 4 bars.  Sounds big, but it was very tight quarters and pretty small.  It just had an awesome vibe.  At the end of the pub tour Laura and I stopped at a fourth bonus pub, The Blackfriar, across from our hotel because I was still “thirsty”.

It was a great day!

This Beefeater watches over the grounds to make sure everything is protected. Actually they are really there for show. How do I know this? This "imposing" guard had a cane (not shown).

The beefeaters give free tours every hour. They are very enjoyable because they have a good sense of humor and dry wit. Pretty much they are wise -asses. This was our wise-ass beefeater.

These guys were guarding the crown jewels.

This was Henry the VIII's armor. He made provisions in case he was ever in battle and suddenly got aroused. Smart king.

From the chapel in the white tower of the Tower of London

Sweet looking pistol.

Good thing I dont have any kids becuase I'm sure all of these would have been coming home.

Raven doing its duty of protecting the tower. As long as there are ravens in the tower, London will be safe. Londoners are not entirely dumb, so they clip the wings of these birds.

Tower Bridge looking good in the daylight.

The top of the White Tower in the Tower of London.

British soldier saluting to the crowd after a 41 gun salute to President Obama who was visiting at the time. They shot howitzers, it was pretty cool.

St. Paul's Cathedral which has a very cool tribute to all the American Soldiers who lost their lives in WWII. They dedicated the back of the cathedral to them. If you have a chance to see it, it is awesome.

Looking down at the spires from the top of St. Paul's

Fun reflection shot of Laura and I with St. Paul's in the background.

A view of the dome of St. Paul's from across the Millenium Bridge. When you are taking pictures of a city, it's important to look all around you while you are walking. Especially behind you becuase you never know what you might see.

A barrel table top we saw along our London Pub tour. Londoners like to drink and smoke, and they are good at it!

yum yum yum

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese pub built in 1667, the year after the great London fire. This was the coolest pub we went to in all of London. It was awesome, I want one.

Panoramic view of London (looking southwest) from the top of St. Paul's.


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6 Responses to London Day 2

  1. Awesome blog name! Enjoy London.

  2. John says:

    Very nice pano shot, Rob.

  3. Rich says:

    good shots dude. did you find out how beefeaters got their name? inquiring minds want to know …

  4. I was randomly surfing around wordpress, and came across your first picture – that beefeater did our tour when I was there a couple of years ago! Thanks for bringing back some excellent memories.

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