London Day 5

This was our last full day in London.  And to start it off we walked all the way past Westminster Abbey to the Regency Cafe.  This is where we got our traditional English breakfast.  There were eggs, hash browns, sausage, beans, toast and coffee.  It was delicious!  The cafe itself was like a 1960’s diner.  And the man running the show, taking the orders, was quite a character.  He had this deep bellowing voice where he would shout out your order when it was ready to pick up.  While we were in line, were were kind of intimidated, but once we got up to ordered, he turned out to be a very nice and charming fellow.  (Did that sound British?  Fellow?  I tried)

After breakfast we met up with a tour guide to take a walking tour to see the changing of the guard and Westminster Abbey.  We really enjoyed the tour.  There was a lot of information, dry British humor, and we got great views of the soldiers for the changing of the guard.  Do you know why the soldiers where those tall bear skin hats?  It’s to make them look taller and more intimidating…..  Yeah, I think they could have found a better way, too.

When we got into Westminster Abbey, it was a mad house!  There were so many people!  But once I got over that, I had a great time checking out the tombs of all the most famous British figures.  Isaac Newton, James Joule, Handel, Edward the First, Queen Elizabeth the First, Richard the Third, and so on and so forth.  It was very very impressive.  It also made me think about how it would look if we had the same thing here in the United States.  There would be George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Eddison, Henry Ford, Scott Joplin, Janice Joplin, Jon Bon Jovi. Yeah, it would be pretty damn fantastic!  USA USA!!

That afternoon we refueled again at the Woseley with some scones and tea.  I know, When in Rome.  Then we walked through Hyde Park on our way to Notting Hill.  There we met up with some good friends who are temporarily living in London.  We had a great time meeting up with them and getting some Mexican food.  It was good, but definitely not Pancho’s Mexican Buffet.  That thing CAN’T be copied.

Here are some pictures from our day.  Enjoy!

The street leading to Buckingham Palace is lined with Union Jacks. A few days before, when Obama was in town, it was lined with Union Jacks and Stars and Stripes.

Here come the soldiers! I mean seriously, what is more intimidating? A fluffy bear-skin hat, or a fully loaded M-16 with a trained soldier behind the trigger?

This picture turned out great. Go ahead! You can celebrate it with positive comments!

More soldiers coming to storm the palace.

Westminster Abbey

The Albert Memorial in Hyde Park.

Just across the street from the Albert Memorial is this impressive structure. Royal Albert Hall. I liked the way this wide angle picture turned out.


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One Response to London Day 5

  1. John says:

    One thing the British are real good at is ceremonies.

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