London to Paris Day 6

Today we took the Eurostar under the English Channel from London to Paris.  The train ride is only a couple hours, of which 45 minutes or so are in the chunnel.  When I was thinking about how the chunnel was going to be, I had images of a glass tunnel with fish, whales, and sharks swimming around.  It was nothing like that.  Just dark.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures on this day, so this will be a shorter post.

What did you expect would be the first thing we found once we go into Paris. That's right, desserts!

Our hotel was located right next to the Paris Opera House. It was a great location to get to the Louvre and easy access to the subway. The opera house is very beautiful.

We ate dinner at Le Mesturet. It was recommended to us by our hotel so we hadn't done any research on it. The seating was cozy and the food was beautiful! Laura got steak while I got a lamb stew that was delicious! It's hard to take pictures in some of these restaurants, so no pictures of the food this time.

A closer view of the opera house at night. This place is really lit up well at night. Well, the front of the building is, the top is completely dark. Still looks good though!


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4 Responses to London to Paris Day 6

  1. mdev says:

    Very nice photos

    Have you gotten the Louvre tickets in advance?

    • We got the 4 day museum passes which get you into, and to the front of the line, for a lot of attractions including the Louvre. While the Louvre has some amazing art, and a ton of it, I found it to be too crowded for my liking. I really enjoyed looking at the Louvre from the outside.

  2. John says:

    I really like your second opera house photo. Mom would say it has lots of drama.

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