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For a long time I have had a love of food.  At first it was a love of eating it and a love of seeing how much of it I could fit in my tummy.  Through the years I have learned a lot about preparing different dishes from steaks to cheesecakes.

Some of my earliest memories of cooking are when I would get home from elementary school.  I would get a little hungry, and because healthy snacks were for dweebs, I would make a batch of box brownies.  You’re probably thinking, “what a nice young boy.  He cooked brownies for his entire family out of the kindness of his heart.”


I would eat as much of those brownies as I could fit in my pre-teen belly. I’m talking 50-60%!!  Afterwards I would have a pretty gnarly case of heartburn, but it was worth it.

Fast forward to today…..  I’m still cooking, eating, and loving every moment of it.  I have learned many lessons like hand wash your non-stick pans, crunchy cookies are worthless, and eating half of a box of brownies is not a wise after-work snack.

I started this food blog to chronicle my adventures through the culinary world as a creator, student, and connoisseur.  I decided to call it Bacon Wrapped Rob because everything is better wrapped in bacon.  And since I want to be the best Robert I can be, why not wrap me in bacon?!

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2 Responses to Bacon Wrapped Rob – A Food Blog for everyone. Learn More!

  1. Scooter Aselton says:

    Have you tried Scootz Gourmet Grill? Located at 5905 Atlanta Hwy Alpharetta Ga 30004.

  2. Minerva says:

    Where have you been? I enjoy the blog and miss your posts.

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